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What can Call Recorder for Skype do?

Record Skype Video

Record Skype Video Calls

AthTek Call Recorder for Skype enables users to record Skype calls in high-quality video format. It will record whatever you see in the video call over Skype. It supports to change the video encoder for better video recording performance.

Record Skype Interview

Record Skype Interview

Call Recorder for Skype gives you the ability to record interviews over Skype. No matter you are an HR supervisor or a interviewee, AthTek Call Recorder for Skype will definitely help with the interview over Skype and a good result.

Record Skype in Stealth Mode

Hidden Mode

One unique feature of AthTek Call Recorder is hidden mode. The program will run invisibly on the computer and perform a strict parental control over Skype for the program owner. This is somehow overkill. Please DO NOT use it in any illegal activity.

Skype Recorder Auto Answers

Automatic Answers

Whenever you don't want to pick up the Skype call for reasons, Call Recorder for Skype can answer the call like a robot for you. It can even divide your contacts into several group and left an customized automatic answer to these groups each.

Skype Prental Control

Upload Recordings

You are able to upload the recordings to a web server safely and automatically. If you have an FTP account, you can enter the FTP address, username and password to Call Recorder for Skype. Then the recordings will be uploaded automatically.

Record Skype Lessons

Record Skype Lessons

Google "Skype Class" you will find many lessons are provided over Skype for free. You can register any of the lessons to learn. If you don't have a photographic memory, you should record your lessons with AthTek Call Reorder for Skype.

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