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The free trial version allows you to record Skype calls for less than 10 minutes. Please try it before you buy!

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I know you're probably in a rush to go ahead and start using the Skype Recorder, but I strongly recommend that you take 2 minutes to read this webpage as we have a money back guarantee just for you which will make you free of risk.

Do you want to record Skype chats with unlimited length? Would you like to have a full function Skype Recorder when you happen to an important call that you must keep a record? Perhaps you want to gain high quality Skype conversation recordings for you can store up those calls from the one you like?

AthTek Call Recorder for Skype will provide the tools you need to achieve unlimited Skype call recording length, full function automatic Skype recorder, extreme good Skype call recording quality and invisible Skype parental control service.

With Skype Recorder, you'll gain some high-quality extra features for free including:

  • Unlimited recording side: If you've started an online call visa Skype, you can choose on which side will be recorded. The default setting is to record Skype chats on both side for free.
  • Record Skype conversation details: Including length, time, from or to whom of the call recordings. Each call will be recorded as details.
  • Auto save Skype recordings: If you're bothering about the fuzzy steps to record by other Free Skype Recording tool, this Skype Recorder can help you record and save the Skype call automatically.
  • Free support and advice: Get advice on how to secretly record Skype chats and remotely get the Skype record. This free technical support is available to all the registered Skype Recorder holders.
  • Up to 60 days money back gurantee: Buy our professional Skype Recorder with no risk of wasting money.

Key Features of Skype Recorder

Skype Recording

Skype Recorder

Recording length

Full version of Skype Recorder supports to record Skype calls with unlimited recording length, including free update service for lifetime.


Automatically record

It automatically starts with Skype, .keep recording exactly the Skype calls for free, with no manual operation is required.


Both side recording

It supports to automatically record Skype calls on both side for free. No matter who starts the call first, Also you can choose to record a single side of a Skype call, no matter your side or the other side.


Video file resizing

AthTek Call Recorder for Skype supports to resize the video file. This is one of the unique features which only AthTek Call Recorder for Skype has. You can use this feature to lower the file size.


Audio & Video Files

Skype Recorder

High quality

Skype Recorder has the best Skype recording quality among all the Skype call recording tools. Your recording's quality will be nature and smooth. Please feel free to compare it with other Skype Reocrders.


Automatically save

It supports to save recorded Skype calls to your computer automatically. After a Skype call, the recorded audio and video files will be automatically saved for free, with no manual operation is required.


Recording formats

Skype recorder supports *.MP3, *.WAV, *.ogg, *flac audio formats and *.avi video format. You can choose in which format your Skype recordings will be saved.


Optimize the recordings

It supports to change the sample rate and encoding rate for your Skype recordings for free. Both the audio and video files can be optimized flexibly as you wish.



You can also import existing audio and video files to Skype Recorder for free.



Once you have finished a Skype call, you can easily replay it from the recording list. You don't need to open the folder of which those recordings be saved.



Skype Recorder

Clearly listed

All the Skype call history will be clearly listed on the front board. You are able to easily use the logs to review a Skype call and take audio notes.


Contact log

You can see all the contacts info from the former Skype call logs, even to call them again from the log quote. Move mouse to the small yellow button on top right corner, you can see both the contacts' names and the record saveing path for free.


Date log

Skype recorder can not only record the voice and video in Skype calls, but also show the date log of it. You can easily know the exact time of the Skype call.


Add comments

If you have made a lot of Skype Calls, it will not be so convenient to identify who has said what during the Skype call. You can easily add short notes to the recordings of former calls, for you can fast remember what you had discussed in the former calls for free.


Advanced Features

Skype Recorder

Video call recording

It supports to record Skype calls in high-quality video format AVI. More than that, it can also record the full screen or any active window even the video games on your desktop. You can also use it to record MSN chats, Gtalk chats, as well as internet video streamings.


Hidden Mode

If you are using this mode, the icon of Skype Recorder will hide itself from the system tray as well as the recorder window on your screen. This can be used for parental control over Skype, as you can easily know what your kids are talking about.


SFTP Uploader

You are allowed to automatically upload Skype recordings by Skype recorder. Simply configure the Uploader's SFTP option, the Skype recordings can be saved to your web server automatically.


Remotely monitoring

Use the silent mode and FTP uploader together, you are able to remotely monitor Skype calls. Even you were on the other side of the globe, you can easily know everything just like you are are not away.



You are able to drag and drop the recording history from the interface of Skype Recorder to media player or explorer. It can be used as a backup file or just a shortcut to play back the recordings.



Skype Recorder


Free updates to the latest version for lifetime!


Compatible with Windows

Skype Recorder is totally compatible with all the Windows operating systems, including Win XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /8.1 / 10, both 32 & 64 bit.


Free technical support

Have problems? Need advice? Get free technical support by sending your question or suggestion to our support team.


Discounts on other products

We will occasionally offer exclusive discounts on our other software and services. View them all from AthTek.


Multiple languages supported

AthTek Call Recorder for Skype supports English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French and Polish.



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Best Quality Skype Recorder — Record Skype Smoothly

AthTek Call Recorder for Skype has the best recording quality among all the Skype recording tools. We promise that the recordings will be more NATURE and SMOOTH than you recorded by other tools! It starts along with Skype and keeps recording the Skype call just when it happens. AthTek Call Recorder for Skype can be used in both private and business Skype call recordings.

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