3 Standout Advantages of Apple’s M2 Chipline

3 ưu điểm vượt trội từ dòng chip M2 của nhà Apple

After MacBook Air M1 version is highly praised by many people for its performance, battery life, processing speed, etc., in 2022, Apple continues to release MacBook Air M2. The article will analyze the outstanding advantages of M2 chip over M1, stay tuned!

3 Standout Advantages of Apple's M2 Chipline

MacBook Air M2 – the latest version of the MacBook Air line so far

1. 3 outstanding updates on the M2 chip.

1.1. Optimize artificial intelligence tasks

The Neural Engine was previously on the M1 chip and did a great job, but the M2 chip is considered a breakthrough. The Apple M2 chip’s Neural Engine can perform up to 15.8 trillion operations per second, compared to 11 trillion operations per second on the M1 chip.

With the core Neural Engine, the machine can handle complex tasks such as face recognition, voice recognition, augmented reality, handwriting recognition, image classification, subject separation from background , etc. …

1.2. Support bandwidth video decoding

The MacBook Air M2 packs Apple’s built-in LPDDR5x RAM with a memory bandwidth of 100 GB/s while the MacBook Air M1 version only stops at a more modest figure of 68.25 GB/s. Thanks to this, the speed of accessing the Internet on the machine becomes faster, which makes it easier to manage tasks on social platforms and websites.

Additionally, the Air M2’s Apple M2 chip also supports up to 24GB of RAM to help easily decode video bandwidth.

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3 Standout Advantages of Apple's M2 Chipline

Apple M2 chip enables easy bandwidth video decoding

1.3. Very good Secure Enclave security system

So far, all Apple devices have been praised for their security capabilities. The MacBook Air M2 will surely surprise more users as Apple has “played big” when equipped with the latest improved Secure Enclave for extremely high security.

Secure Enclave in Air M2 makes it very difficult for many hackers to steal your information. This is a separate system, the main operating system never sees these decryption keys, so it is very difficult to decrypt the data without proper access. With the change of Secure Enclave security system, you will definitely feel safer while using.

2. Should you buy a Macbook M1 or a Macbook M2?

First, let’s follow the comparison table below to learn more about the two Apple Macbook Air lines.

Compare the specs of MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Air M2:


MacBook Air M2 2022

MacBook Air M1 2020

Dimensions – Weight

30.41 x 21.5 x 1.13cm


30.41 x 21.24 x 1.61cm



Space Gray, Silver, Midnight, Starling

Space Gray, Silver, Gold


  • 13.6 inches

  • Liquid retina display

  • Resolution: 2560 x 1664 pixels

  • Brightness: 500nits

  • IPS panels

  • 13.3 inches

  • Display: Retina display

  • Resolution: 2560 x 1600 pixels (2K)

  • Brightness: 400 nits

  • IPS panels


  • Apple M2

  • 8 CPU cores, 10 GPU cores

  • Apple M1

  • 8 CPU cores, 8 GPU cores





Facetime HD 1080p camera

720p Facetime HD Camera


4 speakers and spatial audio support

2 full stereo


2 Thunderbolt ports / 1 Magsafe port and 1 3.5mm headphone jack

2 ports 2 Thunderbolt ports / 1 3.5mm headphone jack

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Through the table above, it can be seen that the MacBook Air M2 product not only has an advanced chip, but also offers new technological experiences such as:

  • Better viewing experience: Equipped with Liquid Retina display and over 0.3 inch screen size.

  • Easy to hold and move: The body is slimmer than the previous generation

  • Assorted colors: 4 colors respectively gray, silver, black and light gold

  • Extreme “top” processing speed: RAM up to 24 GB

  • Professional video calls: Facetime camera with 1080p resolution

  • Good audio support: Modern speaker system and spatial sound

3 Standout Advantages of Apple's M2 Chipline

MacBook Air M2 (left) and MacBook Air M1 (right)

Thus, the MacBook Air M2 will be suitable for high demands in terms of performance, processing speed, better support for daily work and professional graphic design. The MacBook Air M1 version will suit general-purpose users who still have demands for processing speed and good performance, but only need some basic visual design work.

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Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have the most accurate view of the latest two versions of MacBook Air and choose to buy the right model. If you still have any questions, please promptly contact Oneway – a reputable and reliable MacBook supplier for today’s iFan community.

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