7 Most Popular Types of Desktop Projectors Today

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Desktop projectors are increasingly used in enterprises, offices, schools, etc., becoming a useful tool to improve work efficiency. User demand for researching and choosing a home projector has increased in recent years. Here are the top 7 most popular desktop projectors today that you can look back on and choose to invest in.

Optoma EH341

desktop projector Optoma EH341 stands out for its ability to present images with Full HD 1080p resolution. This model has a solid configuration, applying advanced DLP technology, for crisp, realistic and vivid images with a light intensity of 3,700 ansi lumens, a contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

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Optoma EH341 Projector

Optoma EH341 with desktop presentation needs, suitable for 60 participants. The machine can display all data, text, slides, graphs, diagrams, …. support multimedia connection. The machine is also very popular for its ultra-smooth 3D projection, optimal energy saving.

Sony VPL-EX455

The Sony VPL-EX455 desktop projector is the ideal solution for presentations in meeting rooms, conferences or large classrooms. The machine provides users with a realistic, crisp and clear image experience through the use of 3LCD technology for 3 distinct colors (Green, Red, Blue).

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Sony VPL-EX455 Projector

The perfect combination of 3000:1 contrast ratio and 3200 brightness for optimal image quality, suitable for use on a large projection scale. In addition, the projected image of the Sony VPL-EX455 is even clearer thanks to the XGA resolution – horizontal and vertical frame pixels.


The Panasonic PT-LB383 desktop projector has a powerful configuration, delivering crisp and vibrant image quality. The machine design is rich in aesthetics, has a rectangular shape, beautiful rounded corners and high workmanship. The product is suitable for presentation needs in offices with a capacity of 30 to 60 people.

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Panasonic PT-LB383. Projector

Panasonic PT-LB383 is the reliable choice of Vietnamese users. The machine is equipped with scientific cooling system and air outlet, ensuring stable operation. In addition, the machine saves up to 70% electricity thanks to the integration of advanced ECO technology.

Tyco T7Plus

Not only favored by users due to its low price, Tyco T7 Plus also owns beautiful design and stable configuration. No need to go through an intermediary device, the Tyco T7 Plus projector can also play audio and video formats thanks to 2 USB 2.0 ports. This series of machines is very suitable for use in small offices with less than 12 participants.

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Cheap projector Tyco T7 Plus

The Tyco T7 Plus desktop projector produces razor-sharp images with 3000 lumens brightness, 3000:1 contrast ratio and 1280 x 800 px resolution. Besides, this projector also supports many other advanced technologies such as 8-bit color image processing and 5-inch TFT LCD panel.

Epson EB-X400

In the price segment of around 10 million euros, the Epson EB-X400 desktop projector is the ideal choice. The machine features a projector with integrated 3LCD display technology, 15,000:1 image contrast and exceptional XGA (1024 × 768) image resolution.

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Original Epson EB-X400 desktop projector

The Epson EB-X400 image quality is crisp and clear in all lighting conditions. This series can connect multimedia with devices such as PC, laptop, android box, K+ player, etc. Supports various connection ports HDMI, VGA, Video, S-Video, Audio RCA, USB-A, USB-B…

ViewSonic PA502X

Although it is a new model from ViewSonic brand, the PA502X model has quickly won over users due to its quality and stable performance. As a result, the ViewSonic PA502X desktop projector applies SuperColor technology with the ability to create a wide color gamut, producing beautiful and vivid images.

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ViewSonic PA502X. Projector

Moreover, ViewSonic PA502X is also equipped with advanced DLP technology, which enhances brightness, providing bright, clear and crisp projection images. With this model, users can connect to desktops, laptops for use in cafes, offices, etc.

Casio XJ-V1

The Casio XJ-V1 incorporates many outstanding features, attracting great attention from companies and businesses. Casio XJ-V1 desktop projector has compact and convenient design, 80 inch projection screen, 243-270cm throw distance. The Casio XJ-V1 can be easily mounted on the ceiling.

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Casio XJ-V1. laser projector

The Japanese Casio XJ-V1 projector has a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours in all different lighting conditions. The chassis is made of high quality materials, with good impact resistance, protecting the internal components. In particular, the Casio XJ-V1 is also dustproof, suitable for use in all working environments.

Above are the 7 most popular types of desktop projectors today that you can refer to and choose to buy. Customers who need advice on choosing the right product, please contact Hai Hung via the hotline 0974 991 898, the staff will support the fastest response. Website: https://hdhaihung.com/

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