Answer the question: What is the computer’s output device?

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What are the computer’s output devices?? This is a question many people are asking today. Because many people use computers, but are not interested in the concepts of input or output devices. There are some commonly encountered and used devices, but are they the output devices of the computer? Let’s go Blog Thien Minh Find out in the following article.

Answer the question: What is the computer's output device?

What is a computer’s output device?

Output Device (Output Device) are all devices that receive data from a computer. These devices are generally intended for projection, display or physical reproduction. For example:

  • A computer monitor is a common output device for viewing images and transferring text and video from a computer. Display devices include CRT monitors, LCD monitors, plasma monitors, and televisions.

  • A printer then receives data from the computer such as images, text to create a perfect copy on paper.

Answer the question: What is the computer's output device?

The most basic output devices

The computer can still work independently without an output device. However, you cannot know what the computer is doing without these projection and display devices. Only by using the output device will you be able to view it. This is an important and indispensable role of output devices in a computer system.

What are the computer’s output devices?

Thus, it is possible to understand the output device to bring out the data and information contained in the computer. The most common types of output devices:

  • Screen: A computer screen has the same structure as a television screen. The quality of images and videos displayed on the screen depends on parameters: resolution (density of dots on the screen), color mode (monitors generally have 16,256 colors, or even millions of other colors together).

  • Printers: There are many types such as dot matrix printers, inkjet printers, laser printers… used to print information on paper.

  • Projector: Used to display computer content on a large screen.

  • Speakers and headphones: are devices that transmit information and audio data to the computer.

  • Modem: is a device used to establish a link with other computer systems via a transmission channel (telephone line).

  • Television.

  • GPS.

  • Soundcard.

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Answer the question: What is the computer's output device?

The output device displays and reproduces data from a computer

How does a computer output device work?

A computer’s output device works by connecting to a computer and receiving data. Then use this signal to display it on your device. Note that the output device only receives and outputs data and does not send any signals back to the computer.

Answer the question: What is the computer's output device?

How data works

This is the difference between an output device and an input device. An input device sends information to a computer for processing and processing, and an output device reconstructs and displays the results of that processing. Typical of input devices such as keyboards. For example, you type a letter “a”, the computer will process it to display the letter “a” on the screen or the letter “a” can be reproduced again by printing on paper with a printer.

If no output device is connected to the computer and it is working, you can still type “a” on the keyboard and the device will still be processed. However, you cannot see what happened or confirm input without an output device.

The article explainsWhat are the computer’s output devices?as well as how and why it works. I hope that the knowledge contained in the article will be useful for your study and work.

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