Asus laptop from which country? Are Asus laptops any good?

Laptop Asus của nước nào? Laptop Asus có tốt không?

Asus is a laptop brand from Taiwan. With the combination of quality and high performance, Asus laptops have won over many users around the world. Featuring cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design, Asus delivers a superior and reliable experience. With its reputation in the field of technology, Asus is considered a reliable and quality brand of laptops, promising to meet the needs of users in the best possible way.

Asus laptop from which country?  Are Asus laptops any good?

Asus brand from which country?

Asus is a name that is no longer a stranger to tech users around the world. With a history of sustainability and many proud achievements, Asus has asserted its position in the technology industry.

Founded in 1989 in Taiwan, Asus is a multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company that is highly competitive in the global market. It has reached No. 1 in the gaming and motherboard industry, and is one of the top 3 laptop vendors.

Asus laptop from which country?  Are Asus laptops any good?

Asus’ mission is to create smart products that meet current and future needs. Asus revolutionized the PC industry in 2007 with the popular Eee PC™. Today, he is at the forefront of new mobile trends, such as the ZenFone™ product line, and developing advanced devices such as IoT and smart robots.

With many proud achievements, Asus has been recognized around the world. Fortune has consistently ranked Asus among the most popular companies in the world. Interbrand also ranked Asus as the most valuable international brand in Taiwan. With a strong research and development team, Asus is constantly innovating and winning numerous awards, and recorded sales of 13.3 billion USD in 2016.

Asus Featured Product Lines

Asus offers a wide range of technology products, with a variety of models, designs and styles. This makes Asus one of the most popular brands in the market.

Laptop, Asus PC

Asus focuses on two main product lines, laptops and PCs, and they focus on classifying products according to audience and customer needs:

Asus laptop from which country?  Are Asus laptops any good?

  • Zenbook: For businessmen, equipped with a powerful configuration and elegant design, guaranteeing outstanding performance.
  • Vivobook: Suitable for all learning and working needs, with a young, bold and practical design, light and easy to carry.
  • ProArt Studiobook: Satisfying graphics work, with crisp image quality and an ultra-narrow bezel screen.
  • expert book: For businessmen, with a thin and light design focused on portability, performance and durability.
  • Basic Laptop: Modern and compact design, serving common learning and entertainment purposes.
  • Zen Aio (PC): Simple and sophisticated design, suitable for all learning and working needs.
  • All-in-one Expertise Center (PC): Especially for business, with solid construction and high security.
  • Asus Aio (PC): Provide a full range of exclusive features to meet user needs.
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Asus mobile phone

Asus currently manufactures and supplies the ROG Phone series of phones in the market. All versions of this series of phones are designed with unique technology to deliver great user experience. Available models of ROG Phone include:

Asus laptop from which country?  Are Asus laptops any good?

  • ROG Phone 3.
  • ROG Phone 5.
  • ROG Phone 5S.

Asus Smartwatch

Asus is a technology company based in Taiwan. In addition to the main product lines, they also develop smartwatches. A smartwatch is a wearable device that helps users track their health and sports activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle that meets high standards. Advanced features built into Asus watches include:

Asus laptop from which country?  Are Asus laptops any good?

  • ECG and PPG sensors.
  • Asus Health Connect app.
  • Asus HealthAI technology.
  • Integrated GPS and altimeter sensor.

Accessories, Asus charging cable

Asus offers a full range of accessories to meet the diverse needs of users. Specifically, the following types of accessories are available:

  • Keyboard: Mechanical, wired, wireless and membrane keyboards.
  • Mouse: Wired and wireless mouse.
  • Earphone: Wired headphones, wireless headphones.
  • Streaming Devices: Includes ROG Strix Magnus and ROG Eye.
  • Cable, receiver, docking station.

In addition, Asus also provides other necessary network components and equipment. Users can refer and choose according to their usage needs.

Is the Asus laptop really good?

Asus is a famous brand from Taiwan. Asus laptops are rated good. As a key product line of this brand, users can be assured of the design and functionality of Asus laptops. Specifically, Asus laptops have many outstanding advantages, as follows:

Asus laptop from which country?  Are Asus laptops any good?

Various patterns, creative designs

Asus laptops focus on the needs of each user. This creates a distinct segmentation with basic models for study, work, and premium versions for gamers, graphics, and business. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Universal Series (Asus Vivobook): Simple design, suitable for all common learning and working needs.
  • Series for gamers (Asus ROG, Asus TUF GAMING): The design focuses on heat dissipation and configuration performance to meet gaming needs.
  • Professional Series (Asus Zenbook): Sleek, modern design with a powerful configuration.

Creativity in design: Asus laptops use high quality materials and have a luxurious and modern design. Some higher-end versions are also designed to rotate 360 ​​degrees, convenient for taking on trips.

Realistic and impressive images

The Asus laptop screen is equipped with HD (1366 x 768) resolution, providing crisp and lifelike image quality from all viewing angles. In particular, some models for graphics also use NVIDIA Quadro GPU, helping to display with the most perfect and impressive ability.

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live sound

Most versions of Asus laptops incorporate proprietary technology, SonicMaster and AudioWizard, to deliver the most vivid sound quality. The machine also offers custom modes including true-to-life surround sound, deep and richer bass, loud volume, and more. so that users can automatically install and adjust the sound according to their needs.

Asus laptops are getting more and more innovative

Asus is from Taiwan. It is a Taiwanese computer company that has developed a pointer control device (TrackPoint) and handwriting recognition software (WRITEit). These two technologies help users to use laptops easier and easier. Additionally, Asus laptop versions also have a G-Sync option, ensuring that the images are not cracked when displayed.

Product price

Currently, low and mid-range Asus laptops have prices ranging from VND 7 million to VND 20 million in the market. Meanwhile, the most advanced versions will cost between 30 and 40 million. This price is considered reasonable and reflects the customer experience.

Some experiences to help you choose the best Asus laptop

To choose to buy a better Asus product, you can apply the following experiences:

Asus laptop from which country?  Are Asus laptops any good?

  • Determine user needs: First, clearly define your needs and goals of use. Need an Asus laptop for work, entertainment, graphics or gaming? This will help you research and choose the right product line.
  • Consider the configuration: Check the configuration of your Asus laptop to make sure it meets your work or play requirements. Consider factors such as processor, RAM, graphics card, hard drive capacity, and monitor to choose the computer adapted to your needs.
  • Performance and reliability ranking: Discover the performance and reliability of the Asus product lines that interest you. Read user and expert reviews, learn about its stability, durability and after-sales service.
  • Check the design and portability: Consider the design and portability of Asus laptops. A durable design, a compact and adapted design will be assets. If you have to travel often, choose a version that is light, thin and has a long battery life.
  • Discover the features and accessories: Review the additional features and accessories that come with Asus laptops. Features like backlit keyboard, fingerprint sensor, various ports and high-quality sound can differentiate the product.
  • Compare prices and find deals: Check prices and compare versions, configurations and features of Asus laptops on the market. It is advisable to consult multiple sources of information and opinions to find the best prices and attractive offers.
  • After sales service : Finally, consider the after-sales support from Asus. Be sure that


Asus Laptops, a brand from Taiwan, has affirmed its quality and reliability in the market. With emphasis on innovative design, powerful performance and portability, Asus has met the various needs of users well. Asus products are appreciated for their performance, durability and operational efficiency. With good after-sales service and a reasonable price, Asus is a reliable choice for those looking for a worthwhile laptop.

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