Avita laptop from which country? Is Avita laptop good or not? 22/06/2023 If you’re looking for a mid-range laptop that’s reasonably priced and looks sleek, modern and fresh, the Avita laptop is a solid choice.

Laptop Avita của nước nào? Laptop Avita có tốt hay không?

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced mid-range laptop that’s sleek, modern and fresh, then Avita Laptop is an option to consider. With its sophisticated design, Avita offers you a unique experience in daily work and leisure. Polished by a company in Taiwan, Avita prides itself on quality and creativity. Discover now to experience the perfection of the Avita Laptop!

What country is the Avita laptop from?

Avita Laptop is a Hong Kong-based company established in 2016 and a member of the Nesxtgo group. Aiming to bring breakthrough technology experiences, Avita focuses on PC product development, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and enterprise solutions.

The Avita laptop from which country?  Is Avita laptop good or not?

Avita laptops are in the affordable segment but the quality is worth it, including 6 models: Avita Magus, Avita Essential, Avita Pura, Avita Liber, Avita Admiror and Avita Clarus. Avita’s laptop products are suitable for all users, from students, business people, editors, programmers to gamers…

Avita’s warranty is outstanding with longer warranty period than other famous laptop brands. Currently, Avita laptops are present in more than 35 countries and tend to develop widely.

Using an Avita laptop, is it good or bad?

Although recently appeared in the Vietnamese market, Avita laptops have left a significant impression on users with their unique design and impressive configuration. Although there are 6 different laptop models, Avita Liber is the first model of this brand to be introduced in the Vietnamese market.

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1. Benefits of Avita Liber

  • When held in the hand, the Avita Liber product line makes the first impression with its astonishing thinness, weighing only about 1.3 kg and a thickness of only 15 mm. It seems that Avita Liber is designed for school children, students, commuters, entrepreneurs and women, with a focus on portability.
  • The monolithic alloy case of Avita Liber brings elegance, elegance and sophistication, which is a strong point for users to consider choosing this product.
  • Avita Liber also has a variety of youthful and eye-catching colors, but still maintains an elegant look, easily catching the aesthetic eye of the user.
  • In terms of configuration, despite being in the mid-range laptop segment, Avita Liber still has an outstanding advantage with powerful processors such as Intel Core i5-10210U and AMD Ryzen 7 3700, as well as hard drives Bulk 512 GB SSD.
  • Another notable point is the huge battery capacity of Avita Liber, providing long-term use. Users can safely use it for work, study or entertainment without worrying about the device running out of battery or shutting down too quickly.

The Avita laptop from which country?  Is Avita laptop good or not?

2. Disadvantages of Avita Liber

  • Although Avita has impressive assets, this brand has failed to build solid trust in the hearts of users.
  • The excess bezel on the body is not appreciated by users. If it facilitates opening and folding, there is also the risk of damaging the webcam if it is not properly protected.
  • The keyboard surface is easy to stick to fingerprints, not suitable for those who care about aesthetics.
  • The screen, although using state-of-the-art technology, did not really stand out to meet the requirements of the most demanding users.
  • Avita Liber seems to be more suited to a group of young, dynamic, on-the-go people than being a premium business product.
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3. What is the selling price of Avita?

Avita is a remarkable mid-range laptop with impressive features, which makes its price quite reasonable and affordable for students, college students, and office workers. With just under 20 million VND, you can own a unique and quality laptop.


Avita Laptop Originated from Hong Kong and has recorded remarkable achievements in the laptop market. Although new to the business, Avita has made its mark with its unique design, impressive configuration and reliable quality. With an affordable price, Avita is a good choice for students, college students, and office workers. However, like all products, Avita also has its drawbacks. Depending on your needs and preferences, think carefully before deciding to buy an Avita laptop.

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