Calculator How to draw graphs in Excel simple, easy to handle 07/01/2023 The graph is an important and indispensable part of any report. The numbers are shown on the graph to make it easier for everyone to understand…

Cách vẽ biểu đồ trong excel đơn giản, dễ thao tác

Charts are an integral part of any report. The numbers depicted on the chart make it easier for users to understand and provide the most intuitive view of the main idea the report wants to address. SO how to draw a chart in excel What to do? Join us to learn more about this topic today.

How to draw graphs in Excel simple and easy to handle

How to draw charts in Excel?

Data standards for creating charts in Excel

Not all data can be used to create a chart. If you use the wrong data, you will have problems in the charting process and you will not be able to complete your report. Some of the problems you may encounter if you choose inappropriate data such as:

  • Unable to select correct chart type for existing data.

  • The data displayed is incorrect on the graph.

  • Missing or excess important content that the chart should display.

  • The table is incorrect, but the cause cannot be found and cannot be corrected.

Therefore, you need to know about data standards to be able to draw the most standard chart. When you follow the standard, you will be sure to draw the right graph that clearly shows the meaning of the data you want to represent.

Data standards for creating charts in Excel include:

  • The data was aggregated rather than detailed data.

  • The data used must be uniform in format and data type, such as the same number or text.

  • Data fields (especially row names, column names) should have components, displaying clear content.

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How to draw a chart in Excel

In each version of Excel there will be new improvements in charting. Usually, newer versions will support more new types and more ways to customize charts. In this article, we will learn about the most common way to draw charts in Excel, applicable to all versions.

Step 1: Select the aggregated data table that you want to graph.

How to draw graphs in Excel simple and easy to handle

Select the data table you want to graph

2nd step: Click the Insert toolbar tab, select Charts, and select the appropriate chart type for the data. In this step, you can choose the histogram, line chart, pie chart…according to the content of the data table so that it is the most reasonable.

How to draw graphs in Excel simple and easy to handle

Choose the right chart type for the data

Step 3: Draw any position you want in the Leaf section.

If the chart you choose is not suitable or if you want to modify the data, click on Chart Tools (you click to select the chart, this tab will appear), continue to select Design and select the Select Data function.

How to draw graphs in Excel simple and easy to handle

Change the chart type or modify the original data table

Step 4: Customize and redecorate the graphic to make it look the best.

How to draw graphs in Excel simple and easy to handle

Rename, decorate and complete the table

To further decorate the chart, in the Design tab and the Chart Styles section, you can choose the chart style or change the color of the details with the Edit Colors section. At the same time, you can also add chart details such as description, name, legend… in Add Chart Element. All of these things will make your chart clearer, more eye-catching.

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The above article has guided you how to draw a chart in excel with the simplest and most efficient operation. I hope the above article helped you in the process of writing the report. If you find this article useful or have a tip that can be used in Excel, don’t forget to share it with everyone.

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