Check out Cao Bang’s 5 prestigious computer store series

Khám phá loạt Top 5 cửa hàng bán máy tính tại Cao Bằng uy tín

With the need to choose a laptop for study and work, what brand of laptop to choose, at what price? If you can’t answer this question yourself, go to Top 5 Computer Stores in Cao Bang following reputation of being trustworthy.

1. FPT store in Cao Bang

Discover Cao Bang's 5 prestigious computer store series

FPT store in Cao Bang

  • Address: No. 44 – 46 (intersection of 4 bus stations), Group 4, Song Bang Ward, City. Cao Bang, Cao Bang Province

  • Phone number: 1800 6601

You choose a laptop store based on what criteria: price, reputation, product quality, reasonable staff, comprehensive warranty policy, promotions, etc. All the above criteria converge at FPT Shop in Cao Bang.

You can refer to laptop models on FPT website with full specs. Here, with over 240 laptops on sale from nearly 15 different computer brands, you’re spoiled for choice. Along with this, the price of each laptop is clearly marked from 5 million to more than 35 million, meeting the various needs of customers. Additionally, promotions are pinned to the site banner.

2. Prestigious and quality computer center Minh Duc in Cao Bang

Discover Cao Bang's 5 prestigious computer store series

Prestigious computer center of Minh Duc

  • Address: km 4, SONG HIEN Resettlement, Group 15, Cao Bang, Cao Bang City

  • Phone number: 098 854 48 32

Minh Duc is a computer center with a wide range of prestigious electronic equipment in Cao Bang. Although it is a small center, having not built a brand and focusing on product marketing, Minh Duc retains a number of loyal customers.

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Photos posted on facebook are all taken by the store itself. Although the image has not been carefully invested, customers can rest assured of the reliability and quality of the product. Some of the products currently on display at the store that are loved by many people include:

  • PC, Game Gear, Computer, Laptop, CPU

  • CCTV camera

  • Computer keyboard, mouse, headphones

  • Computer speakers, mini speakers

  • Computer charger, power cord

3. Thang Long Electronics and Technology Store

Discover Cao Bang's 5 prestigious computer store series

Thang Long electronics and technology store

  • Address: SN 045, Group 4, Hien Giang Street, Hop Giang Ward, Cao Bang City

  • Phone number: 096 752 89 89

Thang Long Store is the place to supply all electronic equipment and technology throughout Cao Bang City, including laptops, desktops, desktops, notebooks, printers, scanners, copiers, cameras. , wifi, recording equipment, video recorder, …

In addition to providing new products and equipment, Thang Long Electronics and Technology Store also provides a variety of supporting services such as:

  • Computer repair service, on-site computer installation

  • Fill and change printer

  • Installation of surveillance cameras, surveillance systems

  • Installation and construction of the network maintenance system

  • Remote IT installation assistance service

  • Sell ​​authentic products

  • Rental of technological equipment

4. Cao Bang Laptop TCGAMING Store

Check out Cao Bang's 5 prestigious computer store series

TCGAMING Cao Bang laptop shop

  • Address: SN 66 Pho Co, Hop Giang Ward, City. AS BIG AS

  • Phone number: 0917898616

As a leader in Cao Bang in the IT industry, TCGAMING is a store established in 2016 and has more than 7 years of experience as a leading laptop retail supplier in Cao Bang. . TCGAMING always public, transparent price, for each product the price is attached in the article, together with the technical parameters. In addition, on the TCGAMING website, you will also find information on warranty, shipping, return, purchase and payment methods for customers’ reference.

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5. New Way Company – Cao Bang Computer Hospital

  • Address: No. 4 Nguyen Du Street, Hop Giang Ward, City. As big as

  • Phone: 094 480 71 11

Is a company operating in the field of computer stores, the retail sale of computers, software and telecommunications equipment. Currently, New Road Company has been operating in the field for many years and has a number of loyal customers. However, in order to expand the market, the company is now promoting advertising and marketing strategies to market to more customers.

The mail was sent to the address of Top 5 Computer Stores in Cao Bang prestige the choice is yours. Hope the above sharing helps you find the right place to buy a computer.

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