Computer 3 Best Android App Emulators on Windows 06/13/2023 Are you looking for the best Android emulator for your computer? Let’s discover together the 3 best Android application emulators on Windows with Thien Minh Blog…


Are you looking for a best Android emulator for PC? Lets go Blog Thiên Minh crossing point 3 Best Android App Emulators on Windows allows you to use the Android operating system which is emulated on the extremely hot Windows platform today.

1. Bluestacks


BlueStacks is a dedicated emulator to play Android games on PC. Therefore, it does not completely provide a complete Android environment, but if you just want to play games, then Bluestacks is the perfect choice.

The software is free, but there is also a paid premium version if you want to use it.

Because it only focuses on a few functions serving the game, Bluestacks is very easy to install. You can also choose the type of simulation environment, such as the emulator under OnePlus 5 or Samsung Galaxy S8+.

To use it, you need a Google account to use the Play Store.

Using Bluestacks

This program allows you to customize the display and output (input) devices. Also, if you want to stream games, Bluestack also has the feature to record movies and take screenshots.

However, depending on the developer’s policy, some games may not work on Bluestacks. For example, Niantic has blacklisted Bluestacks as well as players who use this software to play Pokemon GO.

Free download

2.Android Studio

Android Studio

If you want a fully functional Android emulator, then Android Studio – Google’s official product – is the first choice. As an official development environment for Android apps, Android Studio also lets you update to the latest version of Android and create a virtual mobile device on your computer.

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This tool is intended for developers rather than general customers. As such, it is also more complex than conventional emulation tools, including software feature coding, APK analysis, and advanced emulators.

This software can be downloaded for free from the Android Developer website. You’ll need Java installed if you want to run this program, but luckily Android Studio now also includes the JDK.

Free download

Using Android Studio

When installing Android Studio, Google will recommend that you follow the installation steps and install additional SDK packages it recommends. One of these SDK packages is the Android emulator that Android Studio needs to create an Android environment on your computer.

Once installed, you can switch to the emulator (instead of creating another project) by opening the Configure menu, then selecting AVD Manager (Android Virtual Device).

Using Android Studio

In AVD Manager, you will be able to create a virtual device by selecting it from the list of available devices or by uploading your own hardware information. Once selected, a window representing the virtual device will open.

Using Android Studio

In this simulation environment, you can program your own application or download application files from existing applications. As for Android Studio support, you can also drag and drop APK files to the emulator to install and run them.

However, we recommend that you only use Android Studio if you want to program or test applications on Windows computers. If you just want to run some utilities or play games, the other 2 tools in this article will be more suitable.



If you already have an Android phone and just want to see apps on a bigger screen, or want to use a mouse or keyboard with your phone, you can use the mirror tool. Here we introduce AirDroid to you.

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This software allows you to mirror and control your Android device with your computer. You can also open applications and use them directly through your PC.

Moreover, you can also use AirDroid in Chrome. It also has a standalone software version for computers. To use both versions, you will need to install the AirDroid app on your phone and create an AirDroid account.


To connect AirDroid to your phone, simply go to AirDroid on your computer and scan the provided QR code. If you want to use AirDroid’s remote feature, you need to root the phone or USB debugging.

The only drawback of AirDroid is that the mirror will be slightly delayed. On the other hand, AirDroid is very useful if you want to run Android applications on your computer without the need for an emulator.

Free Download for Windows | android

I hope to pass 3 Best Android App Emulators on Windows Introduced by Thien Minh Blog above, you can quickly choose a light and good Android emulator for your computer yourself!

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