Computer Reasons why Macbook Air M2 is highly sought after by office workers August 19, 2023 The super product MacBook Air M2 is considered by office workers to have many improvements in terms of design. This device is even worth…

Những lý do khiến cho Macbook Air M2 được giới văn phòng săn đón mãnh liệt

Great product MacBook Air M2 It is considered by the office community to have many design improvements. This device even increases user value compared to its predecessor MacBook Air M1. Are the comments above true? Please join us in evaluating this masterpiece through the article below.

Reasons why Macbook Air M2 is highly sought after by office workers

The design of the MacBook Air M2 is thin, light and attractive

The current MacBook Air no longer applies the conventional design of previous generations. Instead, the MacBook Air M2’s body is designed to be square, adding a new beauty to this model.

This MacBook Air M2 is currently one of the thinnest and lightest laptops, measuring just 11.3mm thick. Especially since it is almost 5 mm lower in comparison MacBook Air M1 and weighs only 1.2 kg. It’s so compact that you can just throw it in your work bag.

Reasons why Macbook Air M2 is highly sought after by office workers

MacBook Air M2 features a crisp Liquid Retina display

The brighter Liquid Retina display helps you see the screen more clearly when exposed to outside light and is easier to see with its 500 nits brightness compared to 400 nits of previous generations. As is Apple’s custom, this display offers excellent color reproduction and accuracy, covering 100% sRGB, 84% Adobe RGB, and 95% of the P3 gamut.

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MacBook Air M2 features a 1080p camera and a screen capable of displaying up to a billion sharp colors and 25% more brightness than its predecessor, improving your user experience.

Overall, the MacBook Air M2 produces a superior, sharper, more detailed image with higher colors and contrast.

MacBook Air M2 welcomes the return of the MagSafe connection port

You can now charge your laptop using the MagSafe port without worrying about someone accidentally stepping on the cord. On more expensive Pro models, you’ll never find colorful braided cable winders inside.

Thanks to the presence of the MagSafe port, you will have an additional USB-C port compared to the Air M1. You can now use both ports (with Thunderbolt) for accessories instead of having to charge one port as usual.

Reasons why Macbook Air M2 is highly sought after by office workers

MacBook Air M2’s new dynamic speaker design

To maximize the size of the Magic Keyboard as well as the sound quality, the speakers will be located just below the screen.

The speaker of MacBook Air M2 is improved, supporting sound quality such as spatial audio and making watching movies and listening to music more vivid, providing a better music experience than ever.

What’s new in the configuration and performance of the MacBook Air M2?

The processor power impresses with an eight-core CPU and an eight-core GPU adding a minimum of 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM. Thanks to the power of this processor, you will be able to work comfortably without too much worry.

Reasons why Macbook Air M2 is highly sought after by office workers

The M2 chip equipping the MacBook Air M2 is the first Apple chip of its second generation. This new chip performs calculations up to 18% faster and can process graphics up to 35% faster than its predecessor, the M1 chip.

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This time, Apple did not use a cooling fan, which shows that Apple’s ability to control temperature is extremely good. The battery quality is exceptional and offers a remarkable usage time of up to 18 hours thanks to the use of a silicon processor. If you bring a laptop but no charger, don’t worry too much.

SO, MacBook Air M2 will really suit those who love the beauty of design and have little need for performance, this is the perfect choice. If you need to know more detailed information as well as the price of MacBook Air M2, please feel free to contact Minh Tuan for more detailed advice!

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