Computer Should I buy a mini computer or not? August 17, 2023 Should I buy a mini computer or not? This is a common question many customers ask when looking to purchase a new computer, but their terms of trade…

Có nên mua máy tính mini hay không?

Should I buy a mini computer or not? This is a common question that many customers ask when looking to purchase a new computer, but their economic conditions are not too favorable. Each machine model, whether large or small, has its own advantages and disadvantages. The article below will help you learn and answer the above questions in the most detailed way.

What is a minicomputer?

Minicomputer is a type of computer that has most of the features and capabilities of a mainframe computer, but in a smaller physical size. Simply put, a mini computer is exactly a miniature version of a desktop computer. They come in a variety of sizes and offer distinct advantages, as well as some disadvantages.

Should I buy a mini computer or not?

What is a minicomputer?

Minicomputers appeared in the mid-1960s and were first developed by the IBM Corporation. They are often used as mid-range servers, where they can operate medium-sized software applications and support many concurrent users. Today they are widely produced and used.

Should I buy a mini computer?

Whether or not to buy a mini computer depends on your own needs as well as the features it can provide. Due to their compact size, minicomputers will have limited power. They always allow users to perform the most necessary tasks.

The small design of minicomputers brings many advantages. Minicomputers can contain one or more processors, support multiprocessing and tasking, and often withstand high workloads. Although smaller than mainframes or supercomputers, minicomputers are more powerful than personal computers and workstations.

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If you’re looking for a new desktop computer, the mini computer line is a choice to consider.

Should I buy a mini computer or not?

Should I buy a mini computer?

Cases where minicomputers must be used

In some specific cases, using a minicomputer gives you more benefits than using a traditional desktop computer.

For domestic use

A mini PC can be a great choice for parents who want to buy a computer for their children without spending too much. Better yet, with a mini PC, you’ll know that your child can only use the computer in the space you set it up in, instead of bringing the laptop into the room.

Used in businesses

If you think that minicomputers are too small for use in large businesses, that’s not true. They can be used to power digital displays or billboards, or as media centers in stores or public transport stations.

Should I buy a mini computer or not?

Business applications

Many businesses need multiple PCs, and luckily most mini PCs can power one or two displays via USB-C, HDMI, and Display Port, but many can be connected with up to four displays.

Where should I buy a mini computer?

So where to buy mini computers? This is not a luxury item, but there are very few places that sell quality, authentic mini computers. To ensure the quality of the products, consumers can go to reputable addresses specializing in telephone and computer lines such as: Mobile World, cell phone S, etc.

At the same time, you should definitely not buy online from e-commerce platforms unless it is the official website of the store. Especially with valuable items like computers, you need to be even more careful to avoid unfortunate situations.

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Should I buy a mini computer or not?

Buy a mini computer

So should you buy a mini computer or not? Everyone surely has their own answer. If you have questions or concerns about computers or phones, you can often visit the website: to see lots of other interesting information!.

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