Dell laptop touchpad is stuck and can’t move

Chuột cảm ứng laptop dell bị đơ không di chuyển được

Dell laptop touch mouse frozen and can’t move is one of the common basic errors, don’t stop there, this issue can cause errors like can’t click, can’t slide up down and even chaos. To be able to solve this problem today Laptop T&T Da Nang Please take a moment to share knowledge that interests you about Blog Thiên Minhinvite you to consult.

Dell laptop touchpad is stuck and can't move

Dell laptop touch mouse is frozen

Laptop mouse frozen due to disabled touchpad with working keyboard

While using a Dell laptop, you accidentally press a certain combination of keys, which causes the touchpad to lock and the touchpad to turn off and open via FN + F5 key combinations, but not all laptops are open. key combination, so try FN + (F1 -> F12) to see how

This is one of the most common basic errors and the solution is not difficult, so try to follow the instructions above.

Re-enable the TouchPad function in the system

When the Dell laptop touchpad can’t move, it is possible that you forgot to enable the TouchPad function in the Windows operating system, thus causing the mouse to drop into a frozen, paralyzed state and unable to pull up and down.

If you encounter the situation, try to re-enable the TouchPad function in the system by following these steps:

  • Step 1: For Windows 10 operating system, the first thing to do is to click on the Start menu window and then click on the Settings icon
  • 2nd step: In the Settings section, select the Devices section where you can manage connected devices such as Bluetooth, printers, mice, and keyboards.
  • Step 3: In the Devices Settings section, select the Mouse item (in some older versions of Windows 10 the item name is Foam and Touchpad).
  • Step 4: In the Mouse Properties state, click to switch to the Touchpad tab, here if you see the touchpad is in disabled state, click Enable Device to open it again.
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Dell laptop touchpad is stuck and can't move

Enable touchpad

Step 5: Besides, you should also try disabling the Disbale when External USB Pointing device plug in feature to see if the touchpad is frozen or not.

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Touchpad Driver Upgrade

Sometimes you install Win but forget to update Tocuhpad driver, which is also the cause of Dell laptop touchpad stuck, in this case, you just need to find the version of the anti- driver appropriate for your window version, then upgrade using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Press the key combination Windows+X open Food menu So choose device Managerthe part that manages input and output devices in Windows
  • 2nd step: From the article device Manager please choose a part Mouse Anh Othe Pointing Devices and upgrade the touchpad driver for the laptop
  • Step 3: It takes about 5-10 minutes for Windows system to check the latest version of touchpad driver, if there is a message Downloading driver software, you need to wait for the system to finish downloading the latest touchpad driver.

Dell laptop touchpad is stuck and can't move

Touchpad Driver Upgrade

  • Step 4: Once the latest update is installed, click Close to close and be prompted with a message to restart the computer for features to be configured.

So you can fix the laptop touchpad error that is frozen, can’t move up and down

Dell laptop touchpad is messed up due to virus

Laptops are very susceptible to viruses if you visit malicious websites or download software of unknown origin, not active. When the virus enters your laptop system, it can gradually damage the hard drive, motherboard, and even damage the touch mouse.

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The only way to fix this error is to download antivirus software, install it, and scan it regularly. With this method you can eliminate threats on your device

Not all the above methods can help you to fix frozen touch mouse, for motherboard and hardware related issues, you need to bring the device to T&T Laptop Repair and Service Center to get help. ugly. , Free consultation.

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