How Much Does a Skype Number Cost?

skype number cost

Skype numbers provide a convenient way of staying in contact with family and friends no matter their location; it is however essential that you know the cost associated with skype numbers before purchasing one.

Cost for Skype numbers depends on several factors such as country and subscription period chosen. We will explore this cost in greater depth throughout this article.


An Skype number can be an ideal way to stay in contact with loved ones who don’t use Skype as often or may not even own accounts on it themselves. Setup is easy and costs less than traditional landline phone plans – plus calls between Skype users are free; non-Skype numbers will cost the price of local calls when receiving their calls!

To get a Skype number, first register an account and create an identity (email and password). When logged into your account, choose from among available countries and area codes before clicking “Continue.” When finished, payment details will need to be entered as soon as you click “Continue.”

Once registered, Skype allows you to make calls and send messages with other Skype users, while its text-messaging service also enables you to reach clients and employees without their having a Skype account; as well as saving you money on international calling fees.

Your Skype number allows you to forward any incoming calls directly to another phone or email address, while setting up caller ID with your mobile number will make callers know who’s calling them and can track incoming calls more efficiently. Furthermore, this service makes your business appear more professional while tracking incoming calls more effectively; additionally it’s an inexpensive way to stay in contact with friends and family abroad!

Calls made from Skype numbers to regular landlines or mobile phones will incur per-minute charges that vary by destination and subscription plan status (incoming calls are free); outgoing calls have an hourly charge that differs based on country.


Skype provides an effective means of global communication. With low calling rates and easy set-up and use, it provides an ideal alternative to traditional phone services. Unfortunately, some users may find it challenging to obtain a Skype number as the service requires extensive verification processes that could take up to two weeks – this could present problems if traveling frequently or working abroad is involved.

While calling other Skype users is free, calling landlines or mobile phones costs per minute depending on the destination and your call subscription plan or Skype credit balance. The Skype website lists rates for various countries and regions – plus you can select both country and area code when creating a Skype number!

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Your Skype number allows you to send text messages directly to other Skype accounts; however, this feature is only available if you have Skype credit or subscribe to one of its subscription plans. To reach those without accounts on Skype directly, create a conversation group and send private messages as part of this.

When someone calls without being signed in to Skype, they can leave a voicemail message on your voicemail system. You can set your status as Online, Away, Do Not Disturb or Invisible to prevent people from trying to contact you when you’re busy and also forward calls from Skype directly to a mobile or landline phone if you can’t answer right away.

Purchase of Skype Numbers on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription can be tailored to fit the country and subscription period of your choosing. Furthermore, select plans offering free Skype calls or discounts for new users; visit the Get a Skype Number page for further pricing information.


Asserting yourself on Skype is an excellent way to stay in touch with family and friends around the globe. The platform enables users to make and receive calls on multiple devices – computers, tablets, mobile phones, Xbox One consoles and smartwatches among them – from friends or colleagues around the globe. You can use Skype also exchange instant messages or files. Skype service has garnered top reviews among both business users and individual consumers due to its ease of use and secure connections – highly regarded services that come together seamlessly.

Your Skype phone number can be registered in 25 different countries and regions, and up to 10 numbers can be associated with one account. To activate one, visit the Skype website and select your country of choice; from here you can either choose from their list of random numbers, or click “Choose different location” and pick your own country/dialing code combination yourself. Once your number has been chosen click “Continue,” paying with credit/debit/PayPal or bank transfer payment is easy and convenient!

One of the many advantages of having a Skype number is being able to call other Skype users at local rates. Before getting one though, there are some key considerations you must keep in mind first: you will require an active email address in order to verify your account; once this step has been completed you can create your Skype number or add other details like names or numbers for verification.

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Your employees and customers may require separate local phone numbers. With Skype numbers you can purchase additional numbers that allow them to have unique local numbers while still using one account; this is particularly helpful for international businesses that operate globally. However, regular landline and mobile calls to a Skype number will incur international rates; to avoid such charges consider opting for one of the 25 countries supported by Skype which supports VoIP.


Skype is an efficient communication tool, offering free video calls, instant messages and file sharing with loved ones from across the world. Business users can utilize its additional features for client and customer contact. While many services provided through Skype are free for individual users, others require either subscription fees or paid credits to use. Skype phone numbers provide another excellent way for loved ones to stay in contact from faraway places.

Accessing a Skype Number is straightforward, but it’s essential that you understand its costs before signing up for one. Costs depend on where it will reside – North American numbers typically cost $60 USD for three-month subscription. In addition, local and long distance rates apply when someone dials your Skype Number from another landline or mobile phone number.

Skype can be an invaluable asset for businesses, yet it does have some drawbacks. Notably, it may not be suitable for companies requiring on-the-go customer or client communication as there are no voicemail or other essential business tools provided with its platform. Furthermore, porting existing numbers over is currently impossible which may present some inconvenience for owners of businesses using it.

Skype provides a secure and private environment for communications. Its encryption helps prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information, and there is a team of professionals dedicated to monitoring and maintaining its platform. In addition to security features, its user-friendly interface makes Skype user friendly for everyone.

Skype is free as long as it’s used between users – even without Internet connectivity! Plus, if a call comes in but you are unavailable or not at home when it should, call forwarding is available and voicemail messages can be set up so they arrive directly into your inbox. Please be aware if calling non-Skype users, they will incur long distance fees.

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