How to Change Your Skype Display Name

Skype is a widely popular software program that enables instant messaging and video calls between friends and family members. Your Skype display name (commonly known as username) is what other users see when searching their contact lists or instant messaging you.

Your Skype username cannot be altered, but you can search and share other people’s Skype names with others.

How to change your Skype name

No matter if you’re using Skype for professional work calls or just casual group chats with friends, knowing how to change your Skype name is an essential tool in making life easier for everyone involved. Other users must easily be able to locate you.

Though you cannot change your Skype username (which is automatically assigned when signing up), you can alter your display name – what other users see when calling or adding you to group chats – easily using either desktop app for Mac/PC or iPhone and Android mobile applications.

You can also change your Skype name on the website if that suits your needs better. Simply log into your account and select your profile icon (which looks like either a circle-shaped photo (if applicable) or initials), to access “Edit profile.” From here you can type in your new name before clicking the check mark to save your changes.

Once you’ve saved your new display name, it will apply across all platforms where you use Skype – including desktop and mobile apps. Please allow a few minutes for it to take effect across devices.

This method won’t work if your Skype account was created before Microsoft acquired and linked all Skype accounts with Microsoft accounts; then a separate Skype account should be created in order to gain an independent username.

As a business user, it may be best to maintain two accounts for managing contacts and communications more easily. When choosing your Skype name for business-related video conferences and chat sessions, make sure that it identifies with the company name so your colleagues will recognize you more easily during video calls or chat sessions. You may still wish to keep a separate personal Skype account for personal calls – just make sure it features an effective display name which allows all your colleagues to easily recognize you in any circumstance.

How to find your Skype name

Skype is a widely-used instant messaging and video calling platform that enables you to stay in touch with loved ones around the globe. One key part of using Skype is understanding its name system; your Skype name identifies you to other users on Skype and may vary depending on how you use the service – for instance, depending on its use it might even not show at all! This wikiHow article will teach you how to identify and edit it if necessary.

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Skype usernames or IDs are unique identifiers assigned to every new account when it’s created, and differ from display names used when calling or chatting with you. Your display name can be changed at will; however, your Skype ID cannot as Microsoft wants all its users to have unique names even those who sign up via email or phone number.

Finding your Skype name can be done easily by signing into any device, like Android or iPhone, and tapping the blue and white S icon with initials inside it. From there you’ll see your profile photo which features your initials inside a circle – or, if none exist yet, at the top of the screen will display as your first name and last name instead.

Your Skype ID is an identifying code assigned by Skype that features both numbers and letters jumbled together, often called your username in some contexts or simply abbreviated as just Skype ID (without attaching the “live:” prefix).

If you don’t know your Skype ID, another way is to locate it within your profile settings by clicking the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and choosing “Settings.” Here, your Skype name can be seen in the left pane of the window.

How to change your display name

When using Skype, it’s essential that other users recognize who you are. One effective way is using a display name – unlike your username which cannot be altered – your display name can easily be updated from both desktop and mobile apps.

While the process for changing your Skype name differs slightly depending on your platform, it should be straightforward. On Windows computers, simply right-click your profile image and choose “Edit profile.” Alternatively, Mac users can select their profile name then “Your profile,” followed by “Edit profile” from the drop-down menu to modify their identity.

Your platform may offer the ability for you to change your Skype name on the website as well. This feature is useful if you use Skype for work purposes, or require accessing it via computer browsers. To do so, head over to Skype website and choose “Your profile” from the drop-down menu; once there, simply click on pencil icon next to display name to change it.

If you are using the Skype app on a smartphone, to change your display name simply tap your profile picture at the top of the screen and this will open your Skype profile, where you can tap on the pen icon to modify your name. Be sure to save these changes by clicking on the check mark at the bottom of page once finished!

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Although Skype no longer permits changing of usernames (unless signed up before it was acquired by Microsoft), changing your display name is easy and can help if your current one is embarrassing or makes it harder for others to locate your account. Just keep in mind if creating a new account, your old Skype name won’t change — though at least you’ll have a more professional-sounding name which could come in handy if using Skype professionally or meeting potential employers!

How to change your phone number

If you need to use Skype for calling purposes, the phone icon in the upper-right corner is for this. Alternatively, use the video camera icon for making video calls.

To send an instant message, search your Contacts list or search results and locate the person. Right-click their listing or use their shortcut menu’s IM option to send a quick instant message. Alternatively, click their presence icon in the conversation window to quickly assess their availability status at a glance before sending them an IM via Messages.

The Contact card shows detailed information about an individual, such as their availability status, email address, telephone number and office location. You can edit any of this data by right-clicking in the top-right of your window and choosing Options; additionally you can customize how this contact should appear under Settings > Options.

Set up an Online Number (also referred to as SkypeIn) so you can receive calls from Skype users without using a computer. Callers will dial your online number instead of your home or mobile telephone number, with fees equivalent to calling directly into a phone line.

Skype allows you to manage both audio and video call forwarding with its call forwarding capabilities, enabling you to transfer incoming calls directly to another person, group, or device; they can even be sent straight to voicemail if you don’t wish to answer the call directly. In addition, Do Not Disturb can be set so incoming calls only arrive on your desktop application, rather than being forwarded onto mobile or landlines devices.

Create groups to organize your contacts and make it easier to locate people. Groups can include up to 25 members and you can add people either by searching their names or selecting them from your Contacts list. Use the Create Group button in the main window, while to rename click Groups then Rename on its name in order to change its name.

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