How to Fix Your Computer Keyboard Jumping Error for You

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A faulty computer keyboard is one of the common problems these days. It makes computer users feel uncomfortable when typing. Not even usable. That is why how to fix a faulty computer keyboard jump wildly got a lot of attention today. Being able to use the computer in the most convenient way possible.

How to Fix Your Computer Keyboard Jumping Error for You

Causes and Ways to Fix Computer Keyboard Skipping Error

Computer keyboard jumps everywhere This is an extremely common situation today after a period of use. This creates a great inconvenience for the users as it may cause errors while entering the text i.e. misspellings, difficulty while typing on the keyboard, etc.

How to Fix Your Computer Keyboard Jumping Error for You

Fix jumping error on computer keyboard

And of course, it’s not by chance that your computer keyboard ends up in this situation, but there are causes. Specifically, common causes and effective solutions include:

1. Due to low battery

A low battery is one of the most common causes of keyboard skipping. Because the remaining battery is not enough, resulting in keyboard failure. The way to fix this problem is quite simple, just charge the battery and everything will be fine (don’t worry because when the battery runs out the device will notify you).

2. Due to being soaked in liquid

Another common cause of keyboard skipping is getting soaked in liquid while in use. For example, water, coffee, tea, etc. It is these liquids that cause the keyboard to short and jump. The way to deal with this is usually to unplug the power, flip the keyboard over to let the water drain out. Then proceed to the opening of the keys and take a towel, a cotton swab to carefully wipe the liquid. Above all, if possible, dry the electrical panel thoroughly.

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3. Foreign object stuck in the keyboard

The computer keyboard is stuck with a foreign object, which also causes jumps. Specifically, snack crumbs, crumbs, etc. fall into the space between the keys, when you type, they jump. The way to deal with this is to find a way to get the foreign body out (if that’s too difficult, you can pull the key out to get it). If you can’t remove it, it’s best to use specialized equipment (dust blower) or take it to a computer repair shop for help.

4. Due to a faulty driver

If the driver is damaged, you need to update the driver by selecting Start → Run → Type the command devmgmt.msc → OK → Select Keyboard (in Device Manager) → Select Update Driver Software. If it still does not, you should take it to a computer repair shop to get the problem fixed quickly.

How to Fix Your Computer Keyboard Jumping Error for You

Depending on each cause that causes the keyboard to skip, handle it appropriately

5. Viruses

Keyboard jumps caused by viruses are also extremely common. The causes are quite diverse, probably due to the use of a USB key that has a virus plugged in, so it spreads. The way to handle it, you have to take it to a store to handle it, you can’t handle it yourself. Experienced professionals will repair it quickly and efficiently.

Refer to the notes to preserve the computer optimally, with fewer errors

To prevent the computer keyboard from being damaged by jumping, it is better to be careful in its maintenance. Specifically: Limit foreign objects that cause the keyboard to fail. Regularly clean and disinfect computer keyboards as well as timely maintenance.

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Here is the information about how to fix computer keyboard skipping error. I hope they will help you deal with these situations more effectively.

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