How to turn off the computer when it freezes, freezes and fails to turn off the power

Cách tắt máy tính khi bị đơ, treo không tắt được nguồn

Desktop or notebook computers after a long time of use will encounter the phenomenon of freezing and hanging halfway. It will cause you a lot of discomfort during your work. Here are the reasons and how to turn off the computer when it freezes, suddenly freezes extremely simple and fast.

How to turn off the computer when it freezes, freezes and fails to turn off the power

Causes of machine freezing

Is your laptop or desktop frozen, making you confused? There are many causes for this situation, due to unstable software, hardware or power supply. Each cause will have its own treatment.

  • The computer is infected with a virus, which makes it overloaded and frozen.

  • Due to system software error.

  • Due to a RAM error, the device freezes.

  • The processor is overloaded.

  • Video card error.

  • CPU temperature is too high.

How to turn off the computer when it is frozen and cannot turn off

Depending on the state of the suspended machine, there are ways to shut down the computer when it hangs as follows:

Use key combinations on the keyboard

You can press the key combination Alt + F4 or close window symbol. It helps you close faulty programs one by one. Alternatively, press Ctrl+Alt+Del or right-click on the taskbar to open Task Manager. Then press the down arrow key 4 times to select “Start Task Manager” and press Enter. Right-click on the application to be disabled and select End Task or End Process from the previous windows.

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How to turn off the computer when it freezes, freezes and fails to turn off the power

Use a key combination to manipulate the machine when frozen

Restart the computer quickly

If still not, you choose to restart the device by pressing and holding the power key for 10 seconds. Then press the power button again to restart.

How to shut down computer when frozen due to virus infection

If your computer crashes due to a virus infection, you may need to reinstall the operating system or plug the hard drive into a computer with copyrighted anti-virus software to remove it completely.

Clean junk files on your computer

If the computer is only slightly frozen or slow, you can access the memory and clean the junk from the computer to free up less work the computer is doing, to prevent CPU overload and overheating. Some cleaning software like CCleaner… are very useful.

Laptop crashing can be caused by hardware

There are many hardware causes that can freeze your computer:

  • If because of RAM: When a laptop’s RAM fails, it can cause a freeze, likely because the RAM is loose or damaged. How to fix you if you know how to disassemble the laptop, you can open the laptop and clean and reinstall the RAM, but when you turn it on, you still have an error, you need to replace the new RAM to use the machine more stable .

  • Because of the hard drive: Your laptop’s hard drive is part of your data. If the hard drive has a bad sector error, your data access problem will slow down and lead to a frozen laptop error. If your hard drive fails, you need to go to the store to get a new hard drive replaced.

  • CPU freeze error: If you are using a CPU with a moderate configuration, but you are using software that requires a high CPU, the laptop freezing situation due to excessive CPU processing will occur. So you should see if the software you are using has high CPU requirements.

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In addition, due to unstable video card or power supply, please check whether the power supply you use at peak times weakens the power supply of the computer or replace the video card with a new one. Using all the above methods still does not work, it is better to go to the nearest computer repair center or call a home computer repair service, describe the situation and ask a professional to take care of it.

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