Instructions on how to send location via Zalo very simple

Hướng dẫn cách gửi định vị qua Zalo cực đơn giản

Zalo is increasingly becoming the “national” app in the hearts of Vietnamese social media users. With the easy-to-see and use interface and the integration of many handy features, it is impossible not to mention the feature of sharing current location with other users. To learn more about this feature, do not miss the following article.

Brief on the functionality of sending location via Zalo

When the world situation is constantly changing, Zalo has also constantly updated itself when releasing a series of practical features, in which the most important feature is functionality. send location via Zalo. This feature is applied a lot in situations where user needs to send location to delivery person, taxi driver needs to determine correct location, send permanent location to friends and relatives…

Instructions on how to send location via Zalo very simple

The send location feature on the Zalo app will be easier to implement for phone devices using the Android operating system. As for the iPhone, the way to use it is not too difficult, just the operation is a little complicated, because when the user wants to share the current location, it is necessary to open the share function map of the Google Maps app.

Step-by-step instructions on how to send location via Zalo the easiest way

Note: The feature of sending location to Zalo is only available on the phone’s Zalo app, not on Bad website hay Zalo PC on your computer!

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Instructions on how to send location via Zalo on iPhone

Step 1: When you want to share Zalo location on iPhone, first you need to open the chat or object you want to send the location to.

Step 2: You need to select the 3 dots icon located at the bottom right corner of the phone screen and then click on “Location”.

Step 3: If you have not been authorized by Zalo to use location on iPhone, the application will ask you for access authorization. To continue sending location, please click “Allow Access”, then turn on to allow “Location” to work.

Step 4: Click “Always”, a card will appear with a blue dot. This point is your current location confirmed by Zalo.

Instructions on how to send location via Zalo very simple

Step 5: You can send location via Zalo Share with your family and friends through 2 ways to share as follows:

Send current position: select “Send your current position” => Then click on “Confirm”. The iPhone screen will send the current location where you are via Zalo message to the person you selected. When he clicks on the message, his screen will be redirected to the Google map application and he will find you quickly.

Send route location: Select “Directly share routes” => Then select the time period you want to share. Your current travel itinerary will be sent to the person you choose to share your location with. Just like when sending the current location, when the recipient clicks on the conversation, the screen will transfer to the Google Maps app. At this point, they will determine which route you are heading on.

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When you no longer want to share your location via Zalo, simply click on “Stop Sharing Trip”.

Instructions on how to send location via Zalo on Android

Path send location via Zalo on Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi… phone devices running on Android OS is much simpler than on devices running iOS OS, you can share location with others via Zalo by following as following :

Instructions on how to send location via Zalo very simple

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to Zalo app and then select the object you want to share the location with

Step 2: Select the 3-dot icon in the lower right corner of the phone screen under the message. Here, click on the “Location” item.

Step 3: Remember to turn GPS back on so the device can locate your current location.

Step 4: Swipe the button below to the right to open the location function. Now the blue dot that appears is also your current location as determined by Zalo.

Step 5: Then you will also have 2 options just like iPhone to choose the form of location sharing.

here’s how send location via Zalo on phones running on Android and iOS 2 operating systems. I hope the article provided you with useful knowledge, visit the page often to update the latest knowledge!

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