Instructions to Quickly Align Line Spacing in Word

Hướng dẫn cách căn chỉnh khoảng cách dòng trong word nhanh nhất

When working with Word, you need to pay attention to line spacing. Especially if you work in state agencies that need to standardize documents, you need to pay even more attention to this. Because uneven line spacing will make the text messy and confusing. Then how Align line spacing in Word? Let’s find out with the Thien Minh blog.

How to Align Lines in Word Using Paragraph

One of the easiest ways to Adjust line spacing in Word is to use the paragraph. The sequence for performing line spacing alignment is as follows

  • Step 1: Ctrl A, all text requires line alignment

Instructions to Quickly Align Line Spacing in Word

Choose line spacing with paragraph

  • 2nd step: Move the mouse over the Home button then select Paragraph and Line Spacing

Instructions to Quickly Align Line Spacing in Word

Select line spacing index

  • Step 3: In the Line Spacing section, click the down arrow. At this point, a series of line spacing indices will appear for you to choose from: 1.0, 1.15, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0. These are frequently selected line relaxation indices. If you want to set the line spacing level, just click on this indicator. In addition to the above flags, if you want to choose the line spacing as you like, you can perform the following additional steps.

Instructions to Quickly Align Line Spacing in Word

Line spacing according to certain parameters

  • Step 4: Line spacing based on certain settings by selecting Line Spacing Options. You just need to select the desired settings for line spacing in the table that appears. Specifically:
    • Before: Line spacing above text

    • After: Line spacing under the text

    • Line spacing: Spacing between lines in text

    • Press All right to complete line spacing settings

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Note: For the Line Spacing section, you can choose one of the following methods to adjust the line spacing:

Instructions to Quickly Align Line Spacing in Word

Line spacing options

  • Bachelor: Reduce single line spacing

  • 1.5 lines: 1.5pt line spacing (standard line spacing is most commonly used)

  • Double: Reduce double line spacing

  • At least: Line spacing with arbitrary pt units

  • Exactly: Space the lines by a specific number

  • Several: Make the lines as big as possible

Depending on the formal requirements of the text, you can choose the appropriate line spacing. However, almost all documents today have an alignment rate of 1.5. This is the standard line spacing alignment level in Word that is most commonly applied today. Therefore, when editing Word documents, you should follow this standard adjustment ratio.

How to align line spacing in Word using the Layout Spacing section

In addition to using paragraph, you can use spacing in the Page Layout section to space lines in Word. It’s also a quick and easy way to stretch lines. More specifically, you do it in the following order:

Instructions to Quickly Align Line Spacing in Word

Line spacing using spacing in layout

  • Step 1: Click Layout

  • 2nd step: Move the mouse and click Spacing to adjust

  • Step 3: Enter the desired line spacing directly in the Before and After boxes.

If you want to enter another setting, click the down arrow to adjust the exact line spacing. After entering the distance, click Ok to complete the alignment operation.

Note that for different versions of Word, adjusting line spacing in Word will be different. Because the toolbar interface of Word versions will have different item layouts. Therefore, you need to do thorough research before doing so.

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Above are detailed instructions How to adjust line spacing in Word The simplest and fastest. Hopefully these instructions will help you create stunning Word documents.

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