Revealing how to quickly and simply turn off keyboard vibrations on Samsung phones

Bật mí cách tắt rung bàn phím điện thoại samsung nhanh chóng đơn giản

Samsung is a famous phone brand and loved by many people because of the smart and amazing features it brings. Keyboard vibration is one of the default features of the operating system. However, if you don’t like this feature, you can turn it off completely. Together Blog Tran Phu learn more about how to turn off keyboard vibration on samsung phones Quick, simple and easy to remember.

Revealing how to quickly and simply turn off keyboard vibrations on Samsung phones

Find out how to turn off Samsung keyboard vibration

How to Disable Keyboard Vibration on Samsung Phones in the Settings Menu

You want to turn off Samsung keyboard vibration because users find it useless or even annoying. Disabling keyboard vibration is one of the best and reasonable solutions to implement right now. Disabling keyboard vibration mode does not affect other smart phone features, all calling, texting, or web browsing functions still work normally. Here are the steps to deal with Samsung phone keyboard vibration in a simple and easy to remember way.

  • Step 1: Unlock the phone and go to the settings menu.

  • 2nd step: Lightly touch the screen of sound and vibration elements. Select the vibration system sound.

  • Step 3: Turn off the keyboard vibration feature by moving the slider from left to right.

Effect of vibration mode when typing on the keyboard

Revealing how to quickly and simply turn off keyboard vibrations on Samsung phones

What is the effect of Samsung keyboard vibrations?

Before launching a smart product with many useful functions, Samsung engineers spent a lot of time researching. Keyboard vibration is the default mode and feature of Samsung phones. This mode is predefined in the device. It is no coincidence that the phone manufacturer Samsung left the default keyboard vibration in the device.

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The main objective desired by the manufacturer is: A way to recognize the sensitivity of the touch screen. Users can especially feel the precision when typing on the keyboard. It is also a way for users to recognize their tactile ability.

Why do users want to disable keyboard vibration?

Revealing how to quickly and simply turn off keyboard vibrations on Samsung phones

The effect of disabling the vibration mode of the Samsung keyboard

The keyboard vibration function has many effects, but many users will feel bored and headache when this function works. Disabling keyboard vibration on Samsung phones is one of the main optimization methods always applied by users. There are a number of good and compelling reasons why users always want to disable phone keypad vibration.

  • When the phone is active, the keypad vibrates and plays a sound. This makes the user uncomfortable.

  • Affect everyone around by the sound and vibration emitted. Especially when the person next to you is concentrating on their work or needs quiet to rest.

  • The more functions your phone uses at the same time, the more battery it will use. Therefore, turning off the vibration mode of the Samsung phone keypad has the effect of helping the battery to extend its life, long battery life. At the same time, it helps users to save money when the battery is bottled or swollen.

Here is an article to share and reveal How to turn off Samsung phone keyboard vibration? Simple and easy to remember without having to go to the store to handle it. Apply it if you want to disable keyboard vibrations. Hope with the information shared above, you will know how to turn off Samsung keyboard vibration on your phone without using the . Visit Tran Phu blog now to update and see more interesting and useful articles.

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