Review of 5 Samsung 50-inch TV models dubbed “national” super products

Review 5 mẫu Tivi Samsung 50 inch mệnh danh siêu phẩm “quốc dân”

Samsung is known as a brand that produces high quality televisions, modern designs and various models, meeting all consumer needs. If you are wondering which product to choose, please refer to the TOP 5 Samsung 50 inch TV models which are dubbed the “domestic” super products below!

1. Smart Tivi Samsung 4K Crystal UHD 50 inch UA50BU8000

The Samsung 4K Crystal UHD UA50BU8000 series of smart TVs impresses viewers with its powerful and elegant appearance thanks to its flat panel design, slim lines and minimalism. You can flexibly hang it on the wall or place it on the TV cabinet to create harmony with any living space of the living room, bedroom or meeting room with an area of ​​about 15m2 – 20m2 .

The combination of Crystal 4K processor and many modern imaging technologies such as Dynamic Crystal Color technology, HDR, Contrast Enhancer, … gives viewers every sharp image, clear details and fresh and smooth color range. With this, you and your family can enjoy all the attractive and beautiful movies together and create memorable moments.

great product UA50BU8000 currently at a cost of ~VND9 million at Manh Nguyen e-supermarket – 48% below market price (~17 million). You will own a TV product that meets your family’s basic entertainment needs with a modern design and advanced smart technology.

Review of 5 Samsung 50-inch TV models dubbed the super products

50 inch Samsung 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV is capable of meeting your family’s basic entertainment needs

2. Smart Tivi samsung 4K 50 inch UA50AU7002

Samsung 50 inch 4K Smart TV UA50AU7002 is the choice of many customers with various needs from work to entertainment, like playing games, watching movies. The 50 inch size will be suitable for installation in living rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms, … with a minimum area of ​​10m2.

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The combination of PurColor technology and Crystal 4K processor enables the 50AU7002 display images to achieve the most natural and vibrant tones and deliver clear frame-by-frame transmission. You’ll be able to watch every thrilling sports game or action movie without worrying about lag, blurring thanks to the support of Motion Xcelerator technology.

Review of 5 Samsung 50-inch TV models dubbed the super products

Samsung 50-inch 4K Smart TV UA50AU7002 meets your needs well, from work to entertainment

Great TV product 50AU7002 not only has a compact, slim and delicate design, but is also suitable for a variety of installation spaces. Currently, with a preferential price at Manh Nguyen (~7 million), it is not difficult for you to own a super modern product at a great price and enjoy many preferential policies and free support.

3. Samsung 50-inch 50Q80C 4K QLED Smart TV

With a simple beveled bevel design, an ultra-thin screen combined with a 3-sided overflow to create a luxurious look; Samsung 50Q80C becomes the highlight of any installation space. The product supports Neural Quantum 4K processor, Real Depth Enhancer, Quantum HDR+ and Quantum Dot, etc.

The 50Q80C is also equipped with exclusive Q-Symphony sound technology allowing users to fully enjoy every bass sound from the symphony. Possessing Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology, Samsung also brings the 50Q80C closer to customers who are passionate about the big screen gaming experience.

Review of 5 Samsung 50-inch TV models dubbed the super products

Viewers will experience vivid picture, true depth, soft colors like in real life with Samsung 50 inch 50Q80C 4K QLED Smart TV

4. Samsung 50-inch 50QN90C NEO QLED Tivi 4K Smart TV

The outstanding advantage of Samsung 50QN90C which is appreciated by customers is the vivid picture quality of 4K standard, vivid colors of the combination of Neo Quantum HDR technology duo, AI HDR Remastering and Neural Quantum 4K processor. . Moreover, the product has the appearance of an anti-glare panel, helping you admire every detail with precision in every color and brightness, no matter where you are in the room.

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Samsung QA50QN90C 50 inch 4K Neo QLED Smart TV is definitely a great product for movie buffs who want an authentic and vivid viewing experience, like being immersed in their own entertainment world.

Review of 5 Samsung 50-inch TV models dubbed the super products

Smart TV NEO QLED 4K Samsung 50 inch 50QN90C TV is like a window to help you see the fascinating real world through the small screen

5. Samsung 4K 50-inch Smart Tivi UA50BU8500

The 50BU8500 is equipped with a 4K Crystal processor and Dynamic Crystal Color technology, so users will enjoy a vivid visual experience, with the depth of billions of brilliant colors. The UA50BU8500 is also equipped with SmartThings, a Vietnamese search engine that helps users easily control home electronics.

50 inch Samsung 4K Smart TV 50BU8500 At Manh Nguyen, there is a discount of up to 50% at 8,990,000 VND. With such an attractive price, the Samsung UA50BU8500 really impresses with its luxurious AirSlim design, which is only 2.57 cm thick. Whether placed on a shelf, wall or any room, it will be a masterpiece that will catch everyone’s eye.

Review of 5 Samsung 50-inch TV models dubbed the super products

Samsung’s UA50BU8500 series is sure to amaze you with its crisp image reproduction, vibrant colors and a host of smart features.

Above are 5 models of “domestic” 50-inch Samsung TVs that are popular with many customers. In each product line, Samsung always focuses on integrating different technologies to better meet customer needs. Hopefully, based on our review, you will choose a product line that meets your needs.

Manh Nguyen Electronics Supermarket is one of the suppliers of Samsung 50 inch TV products with preferential prices of up to 30% from the company and the market. There will be nothing more wonderful when you own a super “domestic” product at a good price. Contact Manh Nguyen Electronics Supermarket immediately to receive attractive promotions and support policies.

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