Skype AI Chatbots Make Conversations Smarter

skype AI

Microsoft is using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance Skype conversations, demonstrating at its Build 2016 conference how you can speak directly with Cortana or other bots during chats for more information and possible actions.

Software giant Microsoft is unveiling new SDKs that allow businesses to integrate chatbots directly into their own applications, for example allowing health care services to make booking appointments and connecting with doctors directly from within their apps.

Real-time translations

Real-time translation is a relatively new feature of Skype that enables users to communicate with people from all around the world without needing an intermediary to translate for them. It could potentially help bridge language barriers and ensure everyone understands each other.

However, this technology is still in its early stages and may not yet offer all of the nuances that human translators provide for verbal communication. Yet it could prove revolutionary for international communities worldwide.

Microsoft plans on applying its translation technology to its Teams collaboration platform. Already used by over 200,000 organizations worldwide, this translation service will soon become part of Teams later this year.

Microsoft claims its AI-powered voice translation technology has seen real world improvements of over 20% since beginning to experiment with deep learning technologies two years ago. According to them, these enhancements are helping teams collaborate more efficiently.

This new translation tool utilizes machine learning and networking technologies to analyze snippets of audio and convert them into the user’s desired language. As more conversations pass through its software, its accuracy increases overtime.

As well as real-time speech translation, the app also translates text in messages sent by email or SMS and during video calls it will display and read aloud any translated text displayed on-screen or spoken out loud during calls.

Skype Translator’s automatic correction feature helps to address obvious mistakes like mispronouncing words or placing things incorrectly – an essential feature considering many problems associated with real-time translations can stem from word selection or context issues rather than grammar alone.

These issues are key in developing trust between people of different cultures, and real-time translation solutions must be able to interpret nuances and cultural variations effectively.

People have struggled to find an efficient real-time translation solution that suits their global teams’ needs, with each language possessing its own distinctive way of communicating.

Answering questions

Skype’s newly added AI chatbots can make conversations much smarter and enjoyable, building upon Cortana which has been developed since Microsoft took control from Google.

These AI bots make life simpler by letting you ask them to book hotels, order food delivery or manage your calendar for you. Cortana and these chatbots also work together seamlessly for more conversational ways of accessing information about places that interest you.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes this effort to develop a smarter Skype is necessary in order to compete with rival collaboration tools like Slack. Speaking to The Verge last month, Nadella stated the goal is “conversation as a platform,” enabling companies to build bots that respond immediately to users’ inquiries.

Businesses will gain the capability to automate their processes and save time by eliminating repetitive manual tasks. Furthermore, real-time support and customer service is also possible with this technology.

Additionally, Skype will receive a visual upgrade with animated emoticons and themes, optimized for Apple’s M1 chip to improve performance and reliability.

Skype is an instant messaging program designed for business use that is free to business users and available across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Its simple interface makes chatting with anyone around the globe quick and effortless.

Skype has an increasingly popular feature known as group chatting, which allows up to 25 people at once to communicate. This feature can be useful for team meetings, family time or just simply meeting friends for social gatherings. Furthermore, you can create free group texts of up to 300 members for four-hour communication.

Skype Translator can also be used during video calls for real-time translations. This feature automatically translates spoken words in a foreign language using speech recognition and natural language processing technology – including English and Spanish! As it’s free add-on, simply toggle on/off by clicking “Translate” button beneath contact profiles.

Providing information for groups

At its Build 2016 conference, Microsoft demonstrated how Cortana and other artificial intelligence bots can isolate key messages in a busy chatroom – creating an intelligent and more engaging experience for its attendees.

Skype makes AI useable in an interactive and engaging manner with its group sharing tools. While in an Instant Message, Voice Call or Video Call you can easily share your screen (or specific programs), create PowerPoint or whiteboard presentations, post polls or host Q&A sessions with colleagues or friends.

One of the most impressive tools in AI’s arsenal is its ability to select suitable participants for any given conversation, with its new Smart Selection feature making selection of groups of six or more easier than ever before. This feature can also help geographically dispersed groups segment themselves according to age, gender or interest – as well as making group meetings more efficient by enabling participants to select predetermined meetings schedules in advance.


Skype is a well-known VoIP application that enables instant messages, audio calls, video calls and group chat to anyone in the world. Group chat, file sharing and screen sharing features also exist on this platform, making Skype an indispensable business tool. Over 145 million people worldwide currently use it.

Recently, Microsoft unveiled Skype Bots as part of its platform, allowing customers to interact with them during conversations and make things simpler for your customers. They can assist with various tasks.

These artificially intelligent bots respond to buttons and text input on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Some Skype bots can help you quickly access music, news and images; others can assist with booking flights and shopping.

MemeCat, another chatbot designed to create memes for you, assists by sending you images, asking for two phrases from you and returning a ready-made meme back. In addition, this Grumpy Cat style bot performs other interesting activities.

Microsoft intends to release more Skype Bots in the near future, following on its previous investment into artificially intelligent assistants for Bing and Getty Images services – further investing in AI as an avenue against Facebook rivals.

At Microsoft’s Build conference this year, Microsoft demonstrated how you’ll soon be able to use Cortana voice assistant on Skype for planning trips and shopping purposes. According to Microsoft’s demo at Build, Cortana will serve as an intermediary when speaking with third-party bots; she can bring them in when necessary before leaving them out altogether when finished with your conversation.

Like Facebook with Messenger, Redmond company has developed a feature similar to what Facebook provides through their Messenger platform that enables third parties to create virtual customer service agents. They had been testing it internally, but have recently implemented it broadly for wider usage.

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