Skype Games – Fun Games to Make the Most of Your Calls

skype games

Skype games offer an entertaining way to bring friends and family who live far apart closer together. From playing charades or Pictionary to traditional board games, playing these online games makes the most of Skype, Facetime or Zoom calls.

Truth or dare is one of the most beloved Skype games, making an icebreaker, quick, easy, and engaging way to learn more about a friend or family member. Each person begins by giving three facts about themselves before you determine whether they’re telling the truth or not – with another player then following suit and doing the same! Truth or dare can provide an entertaining way for two people to get acquainted.

Start playing a simple game of Hangman on Skype to pass the time with family or friends, or last letter, an ancient memory-boosting activity from childhood that we still play today. Remembering last letters before saying them makes this game very challenging but can become great fun as more people join your Skype call!

Add some excitement and fun to your Skype or Facetime call by hosting a trivia quiz! Not only can it test your knowledge, but it’s also an entertaining way to see who has the most knowledge! From general trivia quizzes to those focused on movies, sports or countries – the possibilities are endless!

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