Solution for iPhone 7 Plus error with black screen corner

Giải pháp cho lỗi iPhone 7 Plus bị đen góc màn hình

iPhone 7 Plus black screen corner is an annoying error that can be caused by hardware error. Therefore, it must be repaired quickly if you do not want the machine to be damaged further.

During use, you suddenly notice that the iPhone 7 Plus is showing large and small black dots in the corners of the screen. This black dot may gradually expand to cover the display screen, preventing you from using the device. So what is causing the error? screen corner iphone 7 plus black? What is the ultimate solution? Check out the solutions below:

Solution for iPhone 7 Plus error with black screen corner

Some similar damage cases that many of you encounter are not black screen corners, but an iPhone screen with black streaks, tiny black dots, etc.

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Check out some of the reasons why iPhone 7 Plus has black screen corner

  • iPhone 7 Plus dropped and hit by hard object which damaged internal hardware resulting in iPhone black screen corner
  • The screen is soaked in water or frequently exposed to high humidity or toxic chemicals
  • Software conflict error due to strange application incompatibility with machine or outdated OS version >> However, this cause is rare
  • You brought the machine to be repaired before and it was replaced with poor quality components, so after a period of use, it was damaged again.
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With the above reasons, you will see iPhone 7 Plus has a dark corner of the screen It’s all because of the hardware. Therefore, it is necessary to have quick fixes, otherwise it will damage other parts.

Solution for iPhone 7 Plus error with black screen corner

Trick to fix iPhone 7 Plus with black screen corner

If the iPhone black screen corner error is caused by a hardware error, then you have no choice but to bring the device to a repair center to be checked and repaired. However, you still need to apply the following trick:

  • Turn off and restart iPhone 7 Plus: it is a way to help your computer quickly recover the system to make it more stable. Removes temporary conflict disorder. Should be able to help blackheads disappear completely if the error is caused by software.
  • Use a soft cloth to rub the black spot on the iPhone 7 Plus screen to see if it can be fixed
  • Perform Restore iPhone 7 Plus + Update iOS OS new to the machine to be repaired. To restore iPhone 7 Plus, you need to connect iTunes on your computer to handle it.

Solution for iPhone 7 Plus error with black screen corner

  • If the black dots continue to expand to cover the screen, the hardware is probably damaged. You should take the device to a reputable repair center to have it checked and repaired. With error iPhone 7 Plus has a black screen corner You will need to replace the iPhone 7 Plus screen in order to fully fix it. Some other cases even change the main!

Address to replace iPhone 7 Plus prestige quality screen in Ho Chi Minh City?

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Hope you can fix the problem on your device soon!

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