Summary of 6 iPhone 15 predictions from

Tổng hợp 6 dự đoán về iPhone 15 từ chuyên trang

As usual, in September this year, Apple will launch the iPhone 15 series with new features that attract iFan and the tech world. So what is the expected time to launch the new phone? How much does the product cost? What breakthrough features appear in this iPhone 15 series? Join us for updates from the technology site in the article below.

1. Top 6 Latest iPhone 15 Series Predictions

1.1. iPhone 15 series launch time

According to information leaked by, the iPhone 15 is expected to launch on Wednesday, September 13 at noon (US time), which is equivalent to the early morning of September 13 or 14 (Vietnam time). Forecast information is based on historical launch dates for previous iPhone models, most of which occur between September 9 and 14 each year.

1.2. Estimated price of the iPhone 15 series

Boasting a revolutionary upgrade, the iPhone 15 series will be priced 10-15% higher than its predecessor, especially depending on the version and memory capacity:

  • iPhone15: ranges from $799 (~19 million VND) to $1,099 (~26.18 million VND)

  • iPhone 15 Plus: ranges from $899 (~21.4 million VND) to $1,199 (~28.5 million VND)

  • iPhone 15 Pro: ranges from $1,199 (~28.5 million VND) to $1,899 (~45.2 million VND)

  • iPhone 15 ProMax: ranges from $1,399 (~33.3 million VND) to $2,099 (~50 million VND)

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Summary of 6 iPhone 15 predictions from

The iPhone 15 series is expected to cost 10-15% more than its predecessor

1.3. New colors appear for the iPhone 15 series

Like its predecessor, this iPhone 15 series will appear in new colors, catering to iFan’s preferences. The iPhone 15 and iPhone Plus 2023 will be available in light green, dark pink, and light blue. The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will have a unique new color, dark red, expressing strength and personality.

Summary of 6 predictions on the iPhone 15 from the site

The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max will appear in a new color, dark red

1.4. Pressure-sensitive haptic button replaces volume mute button

According to information from, the Apple group will design a multifunction pressure-sensitive haptic button to replace the volume mute button. Depending on usage needs, iFan can easily configure button features such as turning on camera, turning on/off flashlight, starting silent mode, recording, quick access, etc.

Summary of 6 predictions on the iPhone 15 from the site

Apple plans to replace the volume mute button with a multifunction haptic touch button

1.5. Adopt USB Type-C charging port

Instead of the Lightning port like its predecessor, the iPhone 15 series will be replaced with a USB Type-C charging port in accordance with European Union regulations, supporting fast charging and data transfer. However, not all Type-C charging cords are accepted on Apple devices but must meet Mfi (Made For iPhone) standards.

1.6. Remove the rabbit’s ears, apply Dynamic Island

Realizing the convenience of Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, Apple plans to design and upgrade this notch for the entire iPhone 15 series. In addition to similar functions as its predecessor such as charging status notification, message display, music player, etc., Dynamic Island has been upgraded to integrate alarms and features available on AirPlay.

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Summary of 6 predictions on the iPhone 15 from the site

Dynamic Island will be designed by Apple for the iPhone 15 series, replacing rabbit ears

2. – website specializing in iPhone 15 series news

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By following, you will know the necessary information about the iPhone 15, including specifications, price, expected design, and more. Along with news, the website also provides leaked images and predictions about the product. comparison with its predecessors. From there, it will be clear to you which version of the iPhone is worth investing in.

Through the above article, you have learned about the latest 6 predictions about the iPhone 15 series. It can be seen that Apple’s hit product is still awaited as it has new improvements compared to its predecessor. If you would like to learn more about this upcoming phone line, please follow the website

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