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Unfriended – A Modern Take on the Old-School Horror Movie

A group Skype chat among teen Skype users becomes haunted by an angry spirit in this engaging slasher-revenge thriller. Utilizing laptop programs’ oddities for suspenseful effect, blackouts and frozen webcam images add to the suspenseful effect. Levan Gabriadze masterfully taps into an uncomfortable feeling rarely found in horror films – an awkward, sinking sensation experienced […]

Creating a Skype Account

As a new user of Skype, it is crucial that your microphone, speakers and webcam work effectively. You can do this during installation or later by clicking on three dots menu and choosing Settings. To get started with Skype, visit its website and download software based on your operating system (Mac or Windows). Mobile applications […]

MP3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype Recorder is a free tool designed to record Skype conversations in high-quality audio format. Compatible with Windows 10, this program features an easy interface and offers the option of pausing and resume recordings. Before using MP3 Skype Recorder, ensure your computer has enough free disk space to store recordings from long meetings – […]

Skype Vs Teams – Which is Best for Your Business?

Microsoft Teams has become an all-in-one communication and collaboration solution, surpassing even Skype for Business Online’s capabilities and becoming the future of its unified communications platform. Users on both platforms can take advantage of an array of support options available to them – Skype offers setup guides and an active community forum, while Microsoft Teams […]

Is Skype Still a Thing?

Skype is a free software application used for calling landlines and mobile phones as well as online chatting, videoconferencing, screensharing and screensharing. Available across multiple platforms and integrated into Microsoft’s Office products, Skype provides reliable calling at an economical price point. Few would believe it now, but just over 10 years ago “Skyping” was considered […]

How to Change Your Skype ID

Skype is an innovative program that enables users to communicate via instant messaging and video calls, assigning each one their own username – known as their Skype name – for communication purposes. When communicating with friends over Skype, it’s best to use their Skype Name rather than their display name as this will enable others […]

Unfriended – The Skype Horror Movie

High school friends gather on Skype call, where they encounter the ghost of an abusive student whom they initially harass. What begins as innocent harassment quickly escalates into bloodshed and suicide attempts. Director Levan Gabriadze uses formal ingenuity to exploit computer technology’s quirks and glitches in ways that frighten as much as they amuse moviegoers; […]

How to Make Skype Phone Calls

Skype allows users to make video and voice calls, share files via a single chat interface, text messaging and document sharing – all from within one app! Start calling by adding contacts. Search for people by their Skype username, email address or phone number and add them as contacts. Purchase Skype credit directly, or subscribe […]

How to Create a Skype New Account

Skype is an industry favorite video conferencing app, boasting simple controls and many attractive features. To open a Skype account, simply provide your name, email address and a password; additionally, select a country so Skype can notify and promote its services effectively. Signing up Establishing a new Skype account is easy and fast. Simply click […]

Skype AI Chatbots Make Conversations Smarter

Microsoft is using artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance Skype conversations, demonstrating at its Build 2016 conference how you can speak directly with Cortana or other bots during chats for more information and possible actions. Software giant Microsoft is unveiling new SDKs that allow businesses to integrate chatbots directly into their own applications, for example allowing […]

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