The MacBook comes from which country? Should I buy a used MacBook? Jun 25, 2023 MacBook is a famous line of laptops and there is certainly no user who is not familiar with this line of modern laptops. Whenever the company…

MacBook là của nước nào? Có nên mua MacBook sử dụng hay không?

MacBook is a famous line of laptops and there is certainly no user who is not familiar with this line of modern laptops. Whenever the company introduces a new version, this line always receives great attention from users. In general, MacBook has many significant advantages, ranging from luxurious appearance, powerful performance to high price. Have you ever wondered? MacBook is a product of which country? And is the MacBook worth buying and using? All MacBook information will be Blog Thiên Minh summarized in this article!

MacBook comes from which country, which brand?

Introducing the Apple brand

MacBook is a product created and developed by Apple Technology Corporation. Currently, the MacBook is Apple’s flagship product line and is given a lot of attention by the company. Apple usually introduces a new version of the MacBook every year.

About Apple, it is a brand founded on April 1, 1976 by two close friends Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Los Altos, California, USA. Apple introduced its first Apple personal computer for $666.66. This computer consists of a motherboard with CPU, RAM and basic graphics processing chip. Users need to buy the case, keyboard and monitor themselves to use this computer.

Currently, Apple is a famous company for its ecosystem of mobile devices such as MacBook, iPhone, iMac, iPad, Mac mini and Mac Pro. In addition, there are a number of other audiovisual devices that are popular with users for their quality.

What country is the MacBook from?  Should I buy a used MacBook?

Impressive Achievement

So far, Apple is the first technology company in the world to reach a market capitalization of up to $1 trillion, an impressive figure and the most valuable company in the world. Apple has built a network of offices around the world and has an extensive system of authorized stores, enabling it to deliver genuine products everywhere. Thanks to this vast distribution system, Apple is always among the best companies with the highest sales in the world. In addition, Apple’s product warranty service is also highly praised for its reliability and quality, creating user confidence.

In addition to devices like the iPhone and iPad, the MacBook is also one of Apple’s best-selling products and has gradually become a tech accessory that everyone wants to own, thanks to its undeniable luxury and quality. .

Origin of the MacBook

Currently, the trend of outsourcing products to countries with cheap labor to reduce costs has become a popular direction for many large global companies, and Apple is no exception. Although Apple is headquartered in the United States, most of its products are outsourced to China, which has abundant labor resources and is close to its component supply chain. However, no matter where it is made, users can rest assured of the quality of the product, as Apple adheres to strict guidelines to ensure quality standards for every product. This is evidenced by Apple’s products which always receive praise in difficult markets such as the United States and European countries.

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The main product lines of MacBook

Currently, Apple is focusing on two main MacBook product lines to serve two different user groups. MacBook Air is a line of products for the occasional user, at an affordable and accessible price. Meanwhile, MacBook Pro is specially designed for business users, meeting the needs of using a powerful and high-performance computer to handle demanding tasks. Therefore, the MacBook Pro has a higher price.

1.MacBook Air

MacBook Air is a line of desktop laptops designed to be compact and luxurious, with enough configuration and a price to suit most users. In recent years, the MacBook Air has made significant improvements in terms of performance, especially with the introduction of the M-series chip developed by Apple and integrated inside the machine. This helps MacBook Air to possess outstanding configuration power, coming close to the MacBook Pro line.

What country is the MacBook from?  Should I buy a used MacBook?

The display also stands out on the MacBook Air compared to its competitors, with its high-resolution Retina display and true-to-life colors.

  • User object

MacBook Air is Apple’s premium line of laptops, meant to serve a group of general users who need to use it for office work and entertainment. The product is elegantly designed and at the same time has a compact size, which makes it easy for users to carry. In particular, the MacBook Air is also equipped with a long-lasting battery, which makes it comfortable to use without worrying about charging time on the go.

  • Advantage:

MacBook Air’s Retina display delivers stunning visuals, true-to-life colors, and high resolution for a crisp viewing experience. The thin border of the screen creates a harmonious and wonderful feeling for the user.

The MacBook Air keyboard and trackpad are designed to be smooth, easy to use, and provide an enjoyable and comfortable using experience.

The design of the MacBook Air is beautiful and luxurious, with the use of strong aluminum alloy. It is also lightweight and compact in size making it easy to carry.

With the M-series chip generation, MacBook Air is more powerful than ever. In particular, the MacBook Air M1 version is equipped with the powerful Apple M1 chip, creating a new milestone for this MacBook line.

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The battery life of MacBook Air is very long, allowing users to use it for a long time without worrying about charging time.

With a surround sound system, MacBook Air delivers a full audio-visual experience, for crisp, clear sound.

  • Default

Apple usually solders all components to the MacBook’s motherboard, which means users can’t upgrade the machine’s hardware after purchase. There is no possibility to modify or upgrade the components inside the MacBook later. Users can only choose the amount of RAM and SSD memory from the beginning, future upgrades will be difficult.

2.MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is Apple’s most advanced line of laptops, designed to meet user needs with a powerful configuration, beautiful design and standard color display.

What country is the MacBook from?  Should I buy a used MacBook?

The MacBook Pro is aimed at business customers who need a high-performance computer to handle their work. For industries such as photography, publishing, and design, the MacBook Pro is often a must-have accessory.


  • Sleek and sturdy design with high quality solid aluminum alloy shell.
  • The powerful configuration is equipped with segment-leading chips, including high-performance processors and GPUs to handle heavy projects.
  • Sharp Retina display, faithful color reproduction with P3 wide color gamut and Truetone function.


  • The MacBook Pro has a high price tag, which makes this computer hard to reach for the average user.
  • Replacing MacBook Pro components is expensive and cannot be upgraded after purchasing the machine from the Apple Store.

Should I buy a used MacBook?

MacBook is a complete device with many outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Slim and modern design: MacBooks are known for their high-quality finishes, meticulously crafted from luxurious monolithic aluminum. The modern design and the compact weight are also the favorite points of the users.
  • Powerful hardware: Apple is increasingly equipping MacBooks with powerful and superior configurations compared to competitors in the same segment. The launch of the M1 and M2 chips marked a dramatic upgrade to the MacBook, allowing users to perform heavy-duty tasks with high performance.
  • Beautiful screen, great audiovisual experience: MacBooks are known for their beautiful displays that deliver great audio and visual experiences for work and play.

What country is the MacBook from?  Should I buy a used MacBook?

  • VSWarranty Policy and Professional Customer Service: With a global network of authorized distributors and stores, Apple offers professional customer service and warranties. Users can use MacBook with peace of mind and get dedicated support if something goes wrong.
  • MacBooks have been trusted by many customers, with over 160 million units sold over the years. It is expected that this number will continue to increase sharply in the future.

If you need a complete, stable and durable machine for a long time, MacBook is the perfect choice for you.

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