Top 5 Chat Software Tools For Better Customer Service

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Chat software enables your team to provide exceptional customer service. From live support to chatbots, these tools can enhance the customer experience across all forms of communication channels.

JivoChat provides your team with a host of features designed to ensure rapid responses. Intelligent chat routing connects conversations to agents while providing valuable insights into operator performance.


SnapEngage is a full-featured chat software with seamless and straightforward customization options that makes the customer engagement process simpler for support teams and sales staff alike. Furthermore, there are integrations for CRM/help desk solutions which further strengthen its offering.

This software features a flexible pricing model, offering both self-service plans tailored for smaller businesses as well as full service plans tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements. In addition, its features facilitate data-driven decision making to provide exceptional customer experiences.

SnapEngage’s greatest strength lies in its integrations, which allow you to easily connect your site with hundreds of applications such as CRM tools, social media management platforms, help desk software and eCommerce solutions.

SnapEngage stands out by seamlessly transferring files between agents and website visitors – helping increase conversion rates and decrease average ticket times while supporting numerous security features like file exchange and secure data transfers.

SnapEngage makes it easy to personalize your chat window and agent photos, from fonts and colors to adding logos or even changing up agent photos.

As well, you can set a default message that will be shown when visitors click your chat button, making this feature very helpful if your chat agents are online or not.

SnapEngage was designed to empower both your support and sales teams by providing them with access to powerful features like team chats, reporting, user roles and priority tiers. You can automatically invite visitors into chat sessions so that your support or sales teams can focus on those needing assistance without distraction from general site traffic. Its asynchronous loading feature helps avoid impacting initial-load performance of websites while its reporting feature enables you to view chat statistics for various date ranges or sets of widgets; additionally you’ll receive weekly reports in your inbox!


PureChat is a live chat software solution designed to be seamlessly embedded into any website, enabling customers to reach a business via the internet and contact it quickly and directly. This reduces wait times while guaranteeing prompt support to all. Furthermore, PureChat features visitor tracking as well as mobile app functionality.

Pure Chat was developed specifically with sales and marketing teams in mind, featuring an easy to customize chat widget as well as valuable reports, analytics and tracking capabilities that enable businesses to connect with their target audiences throughout their purchasing and loyalty lifecycles. By streamlining communication processes between visitors and organizations, Pure Chat can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty for any organization.

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With its easy editor, users can customize the look and feel of their chat widget to their preference, including changing its colors, text, images or logos – even creating multiple widgets for different websites or mobile devices!

This program also includes features to assist managers with overseeing team members, such as assigning tasks and priviliges to them. Each team member also has a profile page where they can update their contact details or change their picture or make any other necessary modifications.

Another useful feature is ‘Quick Add,’ which allows agents to quickly insert canned responses mid-chat. This saves teams who must provide instantaneous replies valuable time.

However, one limitation of the tool is its limited storage of transcripts; therefore if you wish to monitor customer interactions over an extended period, export information and upload it separately onto another platform.

PureChat is an effective choice for online businesses looking to improve their customer service experience. The mobile app makes interacting with clients effortless, while customer profile tools allow team members to keep tabs on conversations they have with individual clients.

PureChat offers more than live chat features; it also offers visitors tracking to monitor and identify high quality leads. Available both on its website and mobile versions, this feature enables users to start conversations immediately with visitors as they arrive and identify those best suited for conversion.


Intercom is an all-in-one customer communications platform with live chat features, helping businesses engage with customers across multiple channels and foster stronger relationships with them.

Chatbots, marketing campaigns, self-service functions, proactive tours and more allow users to connect with customers individually. Besides that, collaborative inboxes, reporting capabilities and automated workflows help personalize interactions throughout the customer journey.

Intercom stands out from other chat software by organizing customer data into profiles, which enables businesses to provide tailored customer support and marketing. This feature helps improve satisfaction and conversions.

Furthermore, it offers an advanced conversation performance and analytics feature that enables businesses to monitor conversations more effectively and provide improved services – this includes conversation tracking by tag, volume, busiest period, number of replies sent back out as conversations close or responsiveness metrics among others.

Knowledge bases feature of this software allows businesses to easily add articles to their website or app and then have chatbots recommend them when visitors request support, helping reduce wait times while guaranteeing end users can quickly locate what they require without speaking with a human directly.

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Integrations with third-party tools and apps add additional functionality to Intercom’s interface, enabling businesses to integrate chat with CRM systems, customer support ticketing systems, email automation software as well as social media platforms like Twitter.

Intercom offers businesses an invaluable feature: its ability to collect user data in an efficient and seamless manner and segment it for better insights into users’ behaviors. This enables businesses to send tailored messages based on characteristics such as time spent on site or subscription plan details.

Improve customer retention and respond quickly to inquiries with customer care solutions, identify potential issues and troubleshoot them efficiently.

Intercom can be quite costly compared to its features, which can be an obstacle for smaller business owners and startups. Luckily, there are alternative platforms which provide similar functionality at more reasonable costs.


XChat is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chat program for Windows and Unix-like systems, designed to allow you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) simultaneously, converse publicly or privately, transfer files with other users, choose between tabbed or tree interface, support multiple servers simultaneously, and an extensive level of configurability.

XChat differs from many IRC clients by not requiring a separate program to connect to servers. Instead, use the /connect command when connected and you will see a list of available channels appear when you first connect; on subsequent times XChat will open one automatically but if desired you can manually create channels by typing their name and clicking Open.

Overall, XChat is fairly user-friendly and designed to be straightforward and intuitive for newcomers to IRC clients. But as with anything new to us, some may find the interface challenging at first.

If you are new to IRC, be sure to familiarise yourself with its basics first before trying to connect. Here is some help on this front:

When connecting to a server, you will be required to enter both your username and password for that server. For added protection, we advise using a combination of letters and numbers as this ensures only those authorized can log into it.

Once you provide a password, XChat will connect automatically with the server and display its available channels; this may take from seconds to several minutes depending on your connection speed and number of channels on this particular server.

XChat comes equipped with various plugins that provide additional capabilities for customizing its client, from changing its appearance to managing nick lists.

Customize how it loads plugins and some settings with the Preferences window found under Settings menu.

There’s so much you can do with XChat, yet its options can sometimes be hard to grasp. Thankfully, there are numerous guides out there to help guide your way.

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