Top 5 Computer Stores in Ben Tre

Top 5 cửa hàng bán máy tính tại Bến Tre

In 2023, the era of technology and digital devices has been crowned, computers and laptops have become impossible work aids. You don’t know how to choose between a variety of computers and the right supplier. Together Blog Thien Minh participate now Top 5 Computer Stores in Ben Tre.

1. Nguyen Kim Electronic Supermarket System

Top 5 Computer Stores in Ben Tre

Nguyen Kim Electronics Supermarket System in Ben Tre

  • Address: No. 336 A1, Dong Khoi Avenue, Phu Tan Ward, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province

  • Help line: 19001267

Nguyen Kim is the country’s leading electronic supermarket system offering technology products and home appliances. Among these product lines, computers and laptops are an indispensable product group. Nguyen Kim fully updates the current specifications and most popular computer ranges on the company’s official website.

You can visit the website to find product information. If you have any questions or need advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Nguyen Kim immediately for advice and guidance.

2. Dien May Green supermarket system

Top 5 Computer Stores in Ben Tre

Dien May Xanh supermarket system in Ben Tre

  • Address:

    • Establishment 1: No. 105A3 Vo Nguyen Giap, Binh Khoi Ward, Ward 6, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province

    • Installation 2: No. 549b, Dong Khoi Boulevard, Phu Khuong Ward, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province

  • Phone: 1800 1061

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Dien May Xanh is a large supermarket system very familiar to everyone, in every home. Green Electronics is a brand that has a high advertising frequency on television, on television, on social networks: facebook, youtube, google, etc. Like other electronics, everyone should know when selling household appliances, however, few people pay attention to Dien May Xanh, who is also a distributor of computers and laptops currently in the market. Dien May Xanh laptops and computers are genuine distribution, so you are fully assured of the quality of the products.

3. A Chau Computer Store (A Chau One Member Limited Company)

Top 5 Computer Stores in Ben Tre

A Chau Computer Store (Asia One Member Limited Liability Company)

  • Address: 292E1 Nguyen Van Tu, Ward 7, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province

  • Phone: 0907 456 798

Asia Computer Shop specializes in supplying a variety of old and new computers from many different brands. Almost everyone in Ben Tre knows about this computer store.

If the brands of the major electronics supermarkets are created by advertising and marketing, the Asian brand is known to all by its solid technical team, its consultants and meticulous, attentive and enthusiastic service providers. Customer service is paramount. Asia Computer also repairs and restores damaged computers that have not been used for a long time. Asia’s motto with customers “Customer satisfaction is number 1 priority”

4. Ben Tre Mobile World Store

  • Address:

    • Facility 1: 592B2, Dong Khoi Boulevard, Phu Khuong Ward, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province

    • Establishment 2: 6CCM+M9P, Hamlet Cho, My Thanh H, Giong Trom Ward, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province

  • Phone: 1800 1060

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If someone is a fan of laptops, it is impossible not to know about Mobile World Store. Famous brands from all over the country are now present in Ben Tre. Mobile World Store promises to bring enough technology devices from many top brands to meet the requirements and needs of Ben Tre residents.

A plus point of Ben Tre Mobile World Store is the clean, neat and scientifically organized exhibition space. In addition, the staff here is very professional and knowledgeable about the products, so they will advise and help customers to choose the right product quickly.

5. Phong Vu Laptop Store (Phong Vu Service Trading Joint Stock Company)

Top 5 Computer Stores in Ben Tre

Laptop store in Phong Vu

  • Address: 575B Dong Khoi Boulevard, Phu Khuong Ward, City. Ben Tre, Ben Tre Province

  • Phone: 1800 6867

Phong Vu is a reputable address to buy laptops and computers in Ben Tre. With attractive preferential policies and competitive prices with the market, Phong Vu has gradually asserted its name with major electronics supermarkets across the country. In order to further expand customer records and service needs, Phong Vu Computer added business in the field of computer repair, replacement of accessories, recovery of damaged computers. Customers who have shopping experience here have good feedback on the reputable and professional store’s service.

If you are in Ben Tre, come now Top 5 Computer Stores in Ben Tre to benefit from the best services. Hope through this article, you know who to trust to buy a laptop in the right place.

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