Top 5 Free Computer Screen Capture Software

Top 5 phần mềm chụp màn hình máy tính miễn phí

For the convenience of taking computer screenshots, you will have many choices. You should try greed investigation Best software to capture computer screen Practical and free thanks to the article below.

Top 5 Free Computer Screen Capture Software

1. Lightshot software

This is a free screenshot software, you can select the area you want to screenshot and save it easily.

Top 5 Free Computer Screen Capture Software

Lightshot software

light shot help to edit photos such as: add text, effects, draw lines, brush color can be adjusted to desired color.

The captured image will be of high quality.

Lightshot software Doesn’t take up much space on the device.

Photos will be saved in many formats PNG, JPEG, BMP

Share on many social networking sites like facebook, twitter, …

2. ScreenPresso software

For ScreenPresso suitable for all trades and fields. It is a simple and fast software.

For photography, the software has a highlight frame to determine the location you want to capture. Next to the right corner of the screen is a zoom lens to help you determine the exact position you want to take.

Top 5 Free Computer Screen Capture Software

Highlights in ScreenPesso

In the software ScreenPresso You can edit the image, if you want to highlight information for others, just:

Take photos => drag and drop => highlight effect => notes => Ctrl C => Ctrl V.

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The software can convert files via: PDF, HTML, …

There is support for 19 different languages.

3. Take a screenshot using the keyboard shortcut Windows + Prtsc

For Win10, you can do the following:

  • Combination press Windows + Prtsc Or Windows + Fn + Prtsc to capture the full computer screen.

Top 5 Free Computer Screen Capture Software

Symbols on the keyboard

To view the photo you just took, select Windows + E select Pictures in the left column and select Screenshot: Press Windows+Alt+Prtsc to capture the open window. Enter C:\Users\Admin\Videos\Captures to take the picture you just took.

can key Prtsc Some computer manufacturers will make changes, so please be careful.

Top 5 Free Computer Screen Capture Software

4. Capture Computer Screen with Snipping Tool

This is a tool available on the operating system the Windows. It is also a practical thing that can be used at any time.

Step 1: Import biopsy tool in the search field, tap select biopsy tool

2nd step: live biopsy tool There are 4 shooting modes:

  • Free – Snip form: Take a photo freely with the border of the image you have circled on the screen.
  • Rectangular shears: Take a screenshot of a rectangle.
  • Window capture: Take a screenshot of an open window.
  • Full screen shot: Capture the whole screen.

Top 5 Free Computer Screen Capture Software

Step 3:

Select file => New Capture another screenshot

Select file => save as select save where you want then select ALL RIGHT to save the captured image.

5. Capture computer screen with Snip & Sketch

Like pre-installed software biopsy tool SO Cut and sketch is also available on Windows so we can easily take screenshots. There are 2 ways to capture computer screen via Snip & Sketch:

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Open Snip & Sketch with PrtScn

  • Combination press Windows + I open Settings
  • Select Access facility
  • Scroll down to find and select Keyboard in the left sidebar
  • Scroll down and find to toggle the switch to Shortcut Pint Screen sang ON

After the installation is complete, each time you press PrtScn then computer screen capture tool Cut and sketch will be activated

Open Snip & Sketch with the Start menu

  • Press the Windows open The start menu
  • Import Cut and sketch
  • Select the first result in the search bar to open Cut and sketch

Cut and sketch is a tool that allows you to capture free full screen computer screenshot, capture option box, capture window. You can also take notes on the photo, write with the available pens such as ballpoint pen, pencil or eraser as you wish.

above is Best Computer Screen Capture Software all free. The above software is both free and does not take much space on the computer, in these screen capture software are available basic image editing suitable for everyone.

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