Top 5 Free Computer Video Editing Software

Top 5 phần mềm chỉnh sửa video miễn phí trên máy tính

let’s catch Top 5 Free Computer Video Editing Software TO DO Blog Thiên Minh provide. You can easily avail useful tools to process videos quickly and without cost. Explore the content below to see if there are any useful apps.

Top 5 Free Computer Video Editing Software

Light works

One of the 5 most popular free video editing software on computers today is Lightworks. This software was born since 1989 and is widely used till now. It is often used to supplement professional films.

Top 5 Free Computer Video Editing Software

Light works

This editing software does not follow a timeline like many other applications. Advanced editing in Lightworks is therefore child’s play. This is very useful for beginners but favored by long time users.

While using this software, you can freely use title effects, transition effects, as well as color correction effects for your videos. Certainly, this software can meet most video editing needs. However, you should note that while using the free version, the resolution is limited to around 720p.

Hitfilm Express

This software is in the top 5 free video editing software for computers because it offers many useful tools. It is a useful software for YouTube users to create quality videos.

This software uses a beautiful interface that allows users to edit videos easily. Hitfilm Express also offers a number of free video tutorials.

Davinci’s Resolution

It is a free photo editing software but still guarantees the professionalism of the users. However, this also means that those new to video editing will have a little trouble using it. This application is more suitable for those who already have experience.

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This software provides you with many modern features including editing, color correction, sound effects, graphics, etc.

Top 5 Free Computer Video Editing Software

Davinci’s Resolution

You can get to work quickly and at peak performance without having to learn more apps or switch between apps. Simply encapsulated in Davinci Resolve is enough.


This software is designed for people who usually edit semi-professional videos. Specifically, it is suitable for editing short video clips. The operation you need to perform in the process of using Shortcut is extremely simple, just drag and drop the clip to edit the cut or add transition effects.

It is lightweight software that does not require a lot of specs from a computer, so anyone can download it, even if they use many computers with low specs.


Among the top 5 free computer video editing software, this software is also very popular and used by users. It is a free source code video editing application released a few years ago and still continuously updating to new versions.

Using this app can edit video to quickly change size or color format. Tools used to edit and synchronize audio recordings with high video frame rates.

This is the software used to edit videos at a medium level, just enough support for videos that don’t require too much of a high.

above is Top 5 Free Computer Video Editing Software most popular today. I hope you can find software that adapts to your computer and uses it effectively to produce the most satisfying videos.

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