Top 5 free desktop photo editing software

Top 5 phần mềm chỉnh sửa ảnh miễn phí trên máy tính

Using free photo editing software brings a lot of convenience. In which not only do you not spend too much money, but you still get the beautiful photos you want. The article below would like to share with readers Top 5 free desktop photo editing software best quality available.

Top 5 free desktop photo editing software

Corel PaintShop Pro free photo editing software on computer

Corel PaintShop Pro is one of the most useful free photo editing software. The advantage of the app is that users can edit, crop and add photo effects. You also easily recycle old photo recovery.

Additionally, Corel PaintShop Pro has the ability to recognize input image formats. As a result, users can work more easily.

However, the limitation of the software is that if you want to use all functions of the software, you have to pay a one-time fee and use it for life.

Top 5 free desktop photo editing software

Corel PaintShop Pro free photo editing software on computer

Desktop photo editing software Adobe Photoshop Elements

If you need software that can automatically classify video quality according to high, medium, low level, this will be the perfect choice. Not only video classification, but Adobe Photoshop Elements also has the ability to extract videos very easily. Users can also quickly search them by criteria such as color, file size.

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Moreover, the software also allows users to share photos and videos online with their relatives and friends. However, to use these great features, you also have to pay a fee of around $100 and use them forever.

Photo Pos Pro photo editing app

Beautiful interface and easy to use are the advantages of this free photo editing software. Photo Pos Pro is considered by users to be very smart. Even if you are inexperienced, you can still use it easily. Because its toolbar system is arranged very scientifically and cleanly, reasonably.

Moreover, Photo Pos Pro can also help users to remove redundant details on photos. You can also use advanced features such as fixing shaky, poor quality, and even blurry photos.

Zoner Photo Studio – free photo editing software on PC only for Windows

One of the free photo editing apps for Windows operating systems is probably not to be missed, Zoner Photo Studio. On this software, you can perform a number of operations such as inserting effects for photos, removing wrinkles, red eyes from photos, sharpening blurry photos. Specifically, you can also mark where you took the photo, insert text, or crop the photo as you like.

Another advantage of Zoner Photo Studio is that you can quickly find and organize photo files. The app also has a feature for users to share photos with friends via email, Facebook, and some online chat apps today.

Top 5 free desktop photo editing software

Zoner Photo Studio – free photo editing software on PC only for Windows

Free photo editing software Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Referring to the function of digital image processing by removing redundant details and separating background, readers should perhaps not ignore Xara Photo & Graphic Designer free photo editing software. It has some interesting and useful features. Among them can be mentioned as providing filter effects. Thanks to this, users can use it to create their own images.

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Additionally, the software also has the ability to remove red eye to help in better photos. If you want, you can also create panoramas from your own photos through this app.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is suitable for computers with Windows Vista/10/8/7 operating systems. Users can try it for free for the first 7 days of use.

hope with Top 5 free desktop photo editing software this, you will get the most suitable option. Please visit regularly for the most useful technology information.

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