Top 5 Most Popular Android Emulators on Computers

Top 5 phần mềm giả lập android trên máy tính được yêu thích nhất

Some software users cannot download directly to the computer, so they will look for emulators. Top 5 Android Emulators on Computer will give you the opportunity to experience the operating system of a modern phone, with many flexible features. Lets go Blog Thiên Minh Explore the article below to learn more about the emulator software.

Top 5 Most Popular Android Emulators on Computers


At the top of the ranking the top 5 is droid4x. It is an emulator designed to provide the best user experience and can be used even for weakly configured machines.

This application has the advantage of being light and stable, supporting even low-profile devices, can be used in full screen and allows screen recording.

The only drawback of this emulator cannot do voice chat.


This is a popular emulator preferred by many people. This software has great stability, is used by many people today. This emulator provides a quality game store, allowing you to experience countless versions of quality games.

Top 5 Most Popular Android Emulators on Computers

Bluestacks Emulator

By using this emulator, you don’t need to pay any other utilities for support. Currently, Bluestacks has 4 versions with significantly improved features.

Bluestacks pro version with free version users. Users can directly download the apk file to their computer. Users can easily download and open many windows as tabs.

The interface of this software is improved, neat and convenient for users. Therefore, it is increasingly accessible to more and more users.

Nox app player

Here is this emulator in the top 5 Android emulators on computer Greatly appreciated. Currently, the latest version gives users a comfortable feeling when using. This emulator supports external keyboard, gamepad and also supports screen video function as well as best support for users.

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This emulator can work even on Windows 10 and integrates Google Play so users can use it freely.


Ranked fourth in Top 5 Android emulators on computer, this remains a product that many appreciate. Users can install this emulator software on their computers to provide the best experience for gamers.

Top 5 Most Popular Android Emulators on Computers

Memu Emulator

This is the software developed by the famous emulation company – Microvirt. It is one of the units specializing in the provision of virtualization technology developed in 2014.

The most remarkable advantage of this emulator is that it allows users to open many applications at once, and gamers can also adjust game settings while participating in entertainment.


KoPlayer is an efficient emulator to use on Windows computers. This emulation software offers amazing experience with guaranteed quality. This emulator has 2 main modes, speech and compatibility. You can select the speed function. And if the device is not sufficiently charged, the player can completely choose the compatibility mode to get a more satisfying experience.

So it’s Blog Thiên Minh introduced you Top 5 Android Emulators on PC. I hope this information will be helpful for you to find the most suitable emulation software yourself.

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