What are the computer’s input devices?

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In computer science, computer input devices Device used to supply data and control signals to an information processing system such as a computer. Currently, device input devices include keyboard, computer mouse, camera, microphone, and many other input devices.

What are the computer's input devices?

The two most important input devices

What are the computer’s input devices?

Input devices are now categorized based on what was found in PQC 10A1. It is the input method such as mechanical motion, sound or image, etc. The input will be discrete or possibly continuous even if digitized separately. With associated degrees of freedom such as a two-way mouse or a three-way navigator to design applications.


A keyboard is a user interface device represented as an array of keyboards. Each button on the keyboard is used to enter the language or to call up a function on the computer. They can serve as text input or editing for most users.

With other traditional keyboards, they use spring-loaded buttons. But it is now more innovative to use virtual keyboards or keyboards projected directly on the screen. It’s a typewriter like a matrix with switches.

What are the computer's input devices?


Computer mouse

This is also known as pointing device which is one of the computer input devices. They are very commonly used today. It’s as important as the computer keyboard. The mouse pointer will help the user to perform any interface if the user allows data input into the computer.

In some cases, the mouse and trackpad work by acting on a physical surface. There are many types of mouse such as the 3D mouse, the joystick or the stylus, they are controlled by signaling their angle of deviation.

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This movement is repeated on the computer screen by the movement of the cursor itself. They are created in a very simple and intuitive way to navigate the user interface part of the computer.

What are the computer's input devices?

Computer mouse

To scan

The scanner will help you pick up the image on a sheet of paper and convert it into a digital form that can be stored on disk. Microphone is an input device used to input audio and store it in digital form. Additionally, optical character sets are used to read printed text.

Distinguish between input and output devices

Input devices are hardware components used to supply data and control signals to the computer. The output device is the hardware component used to receive from the computer to perform the task.

The function of input device is to send data to computer and output device is to extract data from computer. This is the main difference between output and input devices.

Input and output devices are two types of hardware devices. There is a big difference between input and output devices. In these input devices they are used to send data to the computer while output devices are used to pull the data from the computer.

Computer input devices Includes keyboard, mouse and printer. These are the most common types of input devices you still use today. If you don’t know computer tricks, please visit Blog Thien Minh. We have a comprehensive set of tips here that you can apply right away.

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