What is the role of terminals in a computer network?

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Terminals in a computer network are electronic or electromechanical hardware devices used to capture data. It is also possible to print data from a computer. You may have noticed that it is a fax machine and a printer that use a telecommunications network to connect to each other. So what is the role of terminals in the computer? Let’s go Blog Thiên Minh Learn more about this issue.

What is the role of terminals in a computer network?

What is a terminal?

Terminals A hardware device composed of electronic interfaces used to process input and display data. A terminal can be a personal computer connected to a network or a telephone connected to the Internet, a fax machine or a printer connected to the computer.

What is the role of terminals in a computer network?

computer terminals

In the past, computer terminals were cheap devices. However, they work very slowly compared to punch cards or data entry tapes. However, as technology developed, 4D flat screen devices were invented. At that time, the terminals were gradually changed with the new data entry form.

This development is linked to a time-sharing system which has developed parallelism and makes it possible to take full advantage of the user’s input capacity on the same computer where each person will have a different terminal.

What does the terminal include?

These terminals constitute a point of departure or a destination in the transport network. For example, your terminals include desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, landlines, vending machines, printers or scanners, etc. They will help the computer decode the signals as they are passed to the computer.

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What is the role of terminals in a computer network?

The keyboard is the input device of the computer

Terminals in a computer network are described in the group of hardware peripherals including keyboards and monitors. They serve as a terminal allowing the user to communicate with the processor itself or with another computer or network device.

The role of the terminal

The terminal represents the command from the originating computer used to send it to other computers. Terminals include keyboards and computers, including those that need to be connected to a computer. This program is abbreviated as TTY and is also known as Command Line Interface.

Terminals are modified according to the type and format of data required. Terminals are like typewriters. Current versions include keyboard input and output display.

Terminals are limited to displaying and entering data. With a device capable of processing data that can be programmed on the device, it can be called a smart device.

Each terminal also depends on the server to be able to process the data. If a personal computer is running emulation software, the terminal is used to replicate the functionality. Or they allow simultaneous use of programs with each other and remote access to the terminal system.

The role of terminals in computers is very important. They help deliver data to the computer, transferring information from start to end machine faster and easier. Today, not only tree computers, but also laptops are also intelligent terminals.

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