What should be installed when buying a new computer?

Khi mua máy tính mới cần cài đặt những gì?

Usually after nine buy a computer should test an installation from software and hardware. But what to check and install when buying a new computer? so you don’t know? Read on to learn more about the following articles.

Windows Update Quick Check

What should be installed when buying a new computer?

Quick test via a new computer

In addition to the operating system preinstalled at the computer store. The first thing to do when buying a new computer is to immediately check Windows Update. Immediately see the update of the new version of the operating system. Updating official builds from the manufacturer helps the new computer ensure more stability.

Microsoft always encourages you to set automatic updates. But that’s why many users after setting this mode encountered many annoying problems. For example, during the process of using, I encountered the computer automatically shutting down slowly and I had to restart the computer. So, my sincere advice is to enable auto-update mode to get notified when a new version is available.

Favorite browser settings

When just New computers should install base programs to favorite programs. Especially when using a computer, you log in often, so immediately install a web browser. Microsoft has integrated the Internet Explorer browser by default in all its versions of Windows. Even so, many people still prefer other websites like Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Install safe anti-virus software

What should be installed when buying a new computer?

Update software immediately

For new computer Immediately install anti-virus software to protect your computer. Because after installing the browser, regular use of the network will face many dangers. For individuals, information security is of little concern. But for entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations, protecting information is very important.

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Some popular and highly rated antivirus software such as Kaspersky Free, AVG Anti-Virus Free, Avast Free Antivirus, Sophos Home, .. The guaranteed supply of these software will facilitate the process of using the computer.

Create a disk image file and save it to external storage

When you have just bought a new computer, make sure that it is stable. Immediately create a data backup of the operating system partition. This is to prevent the process of using the machine from having an accident. There are two ways to backup: using backup software and ghosting to create ISO files.

When using backup, it is possible to immediately restore the state to a point in time. But you have to rely on Win or use disk to enter recovery mode. Ghost saves all data at the time of ISO file creation. When using, just extract the image file to create without having to go through Win. That’s why most users choose the Ghost option, because it’s a useful option!

Update the driver regularly

What should be installed when buying a new computer?

New computers should install security software immediately

When buying a new computer, update the driver regularly to improve performance. Major series of graphics cards like NVIDIA and Ati Radeon are regularly supported by the manufacturer with the latest updates. This is to provide you with a pleasant experience. Bluetooth is constantly updated to speed up wireless connections.

You can completely download the installer ISO file and run it automatically. Or you can download software that scans all hardware. From there, search for the driver and install it automatically from the internet.

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The article provided you with useful information What should be installed when buying a new computer?. From there, you can use the computer safely and ensure more stability. Thanks for following this post!

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