Which country’s Lenovo laptop? Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo laptops

Laptop Lenovo của nước nào? Ưu nhược điểm của Laptop Lenovo

In today’s laptop market, Lenovo is one of the most trusted brands. However, not everyone is familiar with Lenovo’s country of manufacture and the advantages and disadvantages of its portable products. So do you know? Which country’s Lenovo laptop? Are not? And what are the pros and cons of Lenovo laptops? To help you better understand this product, we will discover it in the article below.

1. Which country’s Lenovo laptop?

Lenovo Group Ltd is a multinational company established in 1984 in Beijing, China. After years of development, Lenovo has become one of the leading companies in notebook computer field in China. In 2013, according to the company’s announcement, Lenovo became the largest laptop company in the world. With the launch of numerous notebook product lines, Lenovo continues to appeal to consumers, especially the popular ThinkPad product line.

Which country's Lenovo laptop?  Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo laptops

Does this mean: Lenovo is a Chinese laptop company

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo laptops


Lenovo is a popular brand for its quality products at an affordable price. The company offers products in all price segments (from low-end to high-end), making it easy for users to find products that suit their needs and budget. Currently, users can own a new Lenovo laptop for less than VND 10 million.

Another outstanding advantage of Lenovo laptops is their durability. Its products are designed from a sturdy aluminum shell, and the internal components are intelligently arranged, less affected by temperature. In particular, Lenovo’s ThinkPad series keyboard design is very impressive with deep key travel, high rebound, providing users with comfortable typing feeling.

Which country's Lenovo laptop?  Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo laptops


Although Lenovo has many advantages, there are also disadvantages. One of the unfortunate drawbacks of Lenovo products is that the sound and picture quality is only average and does not reach high quality. So if you need a computer for gaming, graphic design, or photo editing, Lenovo might not be the best choice.

3. Outstanding Lenovo Laptop Features and Parameters

  • Since Lenovo acquired IBM’s PC business and integrated these technologies into its laptops, the quality of Lenovo products has improved dramatically.
  • Currently, Lenovo has many product models suitable for all types of users, from ordinary to high-end needs.
  • The design of the appearance has also undergone significant changes, it is no longer bulky and rough as before.
  • Moreover, one of the strong points of Lenovo laptops is the large battery capacity as well as the impressive keyboard with TrackPoint between the keyboard.
  • However, Lenovo still has a few points that are not good, in particular the quality of sound and image which is only average.
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4. Lenovo Laptop Product Lines

Like many other laptop manufacturing companies, Lenovo also produces many different product lines, catering to many different needs in the market.

Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop

Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers of laptops and its ThinkPad range is specially designed for businessmen as well as experts in the field of information technology such as Coder, Dev, etc.

Which country's Lenovo laptop?  Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo laptops

Although the design of these products is simple, it is still very luxurious. ThinkPad is very convenient to move around as its laptop models are designed to be compact and are considered as one of the typical laptop ranges in the world. One of the highlights of this line of laptops is the design of the red TrackPoint button in the middle of the keyboard.

  • ThinkPad series: Lenovo is divided into 6 smaller lines with different features and designs.
  • X-Series: with an ultra-slim and modern design and a small screen of 11 to 13 inches. Additionally, the X1 series also offers a number of models that have the ability to detach the screen, turning the laptop into an iPad.
  • T-Series: has a thinner and lighter design to meet the needs of the average user at an average price.
  • L-series: low cost, meeting the needs of ordinary users with 14-15 inch widescreen models and durable and stable working performance.
  • SL-Series: Pricing is similar to the L-series, but the SL-series is aimed at small businesses and desktop users with low requirements for mass usage.
  • W-Series: is a line of workstations for durable and stable performance with a large 15-inch screen, high configuration and discrete graphics. Finally, the Edge series is a range of high-end ThinkPad laptops, aimed at financially affluent businessmen with a luxurious and elegant design.
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With high configuration and high performance, Lenovo ThinkPad laptops will be the most suitable choice for coders, developers and those who work in information technology field.

Lenovo IdeaPad Laptops

Lenovo IdeaPad is a line of laptops for general users who need to use a versatile computer. Unlike ThinkPads, IdeaPad computers don’t have the same unique design.

Which country's Lenovo laptop?  Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo laptops

The IdeaPad series is divided into 5 sub-series, including:

  • Y-Series: is a line of versatile computers designed for gaming, very suitable for men. This computer has a screen of more than 14 inches for clear and beautiful images.
  • Serious : is a line of computers designed for easy portability and small screen sizes. They come in screen sizes from 11 to 14 inches. Many models can even detach the keyboard, turning them into a compact tablet.
  • V-Series: is a laptop model for people who work in a professional environment. This range of laptops is equipped with a number of security features such as fingerprint security.
  • Z-series: is a line of popular computers with 13 to 15 inch screens. They have high performance and extremely durable impact resistance.
  • S-Series: is a line of netbooks with a compact and delicate design. They are small in size and have been minimized in many details.

Lenovo Legion Laptop

Lenovo Legion is a line of laptops specially designed to meet the needs of gaming. The design of this laptop model is very suitable for gamers, with square corners and the main colors are white and blue.

Which country's Lenovo laptop?  Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo laptops

Lenovo Legion’s signature Y-shaped logo is subtly stylized, creating a clean, blade-like feel to the rear of the device. With a huge configuration and a discrete GTX graphics card, the Lenovo Legion screen has a size of 15.6 inches and a minimum resolution of Full HD, helping you satisfy your passion for gaming.

Essential Lenovo Laptop

The Lenovo Essential laptop line is the lowest priced in its class. This product line is designed to meet basic needs such as web browsing, word processing and other simple tasks.

Which country's Lenovo laptop?  Advantages and disadvantages of Lenovo laptops

5. End

General, Lenovo is a famous laptop brand all over the world and is made in China. With a wide range of products ranging from high-end to low-end, Lenovo has met the needs of many different customers. However, low-cost Lenovo products are often criticized for their build quality and durability. Additionally, some customers have also complained about the noise and heat of the machine. However, with high-end products, Lenovo has proven a breakthrough in design and performance, meeting the needs of the most demanding users.

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