“Mambo Italiano” is a lively and iconic song performed by Dean Martin, released in 1954. The song has become one of Dean Martin’s signature tunes and is celebrated for its catchy melody and energetic style.

About The Song

The lyrics of “Mambo Italiano” playfully blend English with Italian phrases, creating a sense of fun and celebration. The song describes a festive atmosphere where people come together to dance the mambo and enjoy the lively Italian culture.

Musically, “Mambo Italiano” is characterized by its upbeat and infectious rhythm, featuring a combination of mambo and Italian folk music elements. Dean Martin’s spirited and charismatic vocal performance adds to the overall exuberance of the song.

The song achieved popularity upon its release and has endured as a classic, often associated with the joyous and carefree spirit of the 1950s. “Mambo Italiano” remains a beloved part of Dean Martin’s repertoire and is recognized as a vibrant and entertaining piece of mid-century popular music.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

A boy went back to Napoli, because he missed the scenery,
the native dances and the charming songs,
but wait a minute, somethings wrong, cause now it’s…

Hey Mambo Mambo Italiano, hey Mambo, mambo italiano, go go Joe, you
mixed up siciliano all you Calabrese do the Mambo lika a crazy

Hey mambo, dont want a tarantella, hey Mambo no more a mozzarella, hey mambo
Italiano, try an enchelada with the fishy bacalao and

Hey Goomba, I love how you dance the Rumba, but take some advice pisano, learn
how to Mambo, if you gonna be a square you ainta gonna go nowhere

Hey Mambo, mambo Italiano, hey mambo, mambo Italiano go go joe shake like a
giavanna hello che si dice you get happy in the pizza when you mambo Italiano

Hey Giadrool, you donta have to go to the school, justa make it with a biga bambino,
its like a vino kid you good alookin but you dont know what your cookin till you

Hey Mambo mambo Italiano hey mambo, mambo italiano ho ho ho you mixed up
siciliano, hello che si dice you get happy in the pizza when you Mambo Italiano