About The Song

Ella Fitzgerald’s rendition of “I Love Being Here With You” is a soulful celebration of the present moment. With her velvety voice and impeccable phrasing, Fitzgerald brings to life the joy and contentment of being in the company of loved ones. This jazz standard, written by Peggy Lee and Bill Schluger, captures the essence of happiness through its upbeat tempo and lively melody.

As Fitzgerald croons the lyrics, listeners are transported to a world of warmth and camaraderie, where every moment is cherished. “I Love Being Here With You” is a timeless classic that continues to resonate with audiences, reminding us of the simple pleasures found in the here and now.



I love the East, I love the WestAnd North and South they’re both the bestBut I only want to go there as a guest‘Cause I love being here with you
I love the sea, I love the shoreI love the rocks and what is moreWith you there, they’d never be a bore‘Cause I love being here with you
Singing in the shower, laughing by the hourLife is such a breezy gameLove all kinds of weather ‘long as we’re togetherI love to hear you say my name
I love good wine and fine cuisineAnd candle light; I like the sceneBut, baby, if you know what I meanI love being here with youI love being here with you
I like a dance by Fred AstaireAnd Brando’s eyes, Yul Brynner’s hairBut I think to tell you’s only fairThat I love being here with you
And Cary Grant, oh do-dah-dayHis utter charm takes me awayBut don’t get me wrong, how do you sayI love being here with you
Basie’s band a-swinging, I like Ella’s singingBecause there’s something else, you knowThey know how to say it, they know how to play itThey wind it up and let it go
I love the thrill of New York showsI’d love to kiss Durante’s noseBut I’d like to say before I closeThat I love, and is love, I love being here with you