About The Song

“I Got a Woman” is a song co-written and originally recorded by American R&B singer-songwriter Ray Charles in 1954. It was released as a single in December 1954 and became one of Charles’ first major hits, reaching number one on the R&B charts.

In 1956, Elvis Presley recorded a rock and roll version of the song for his self-titled debut album. Presley’s cover brought “I Got a Woman” to a mainstream white audience and became one of his most famous early hits.

  • It was recorded on January 10, 1956 in Nashville as part of his first RCA recording session.
  • The song features Presley’s vocals backed by his core backup band at the time, Scotty Moore on electric guitar, Bill Black on upright bass, and D.J. Fontana on drums.
  • Presley’s version uses a faster tempo and lyrical variations compared to the original Ray Charles version.
  • The song was released in March 1956 as the B-side to “Heartbreak Hotel,” which became Presley’s first number one pop hit.
  • Presley frequently performed “I Got a Woman” live during the 1950s, including his early TV appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.



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Well, I’ve got a woman
Way cross town
She’s good to me oh, yeah
Say. I’ve got a woman
Way cross town
She’s good to me oh, yeah

She’s here in the morning,
loving me
Yeah, she’s a kind of friend to me

She says she love me early in the morning
Just for me
Oh, yeah you know she loves me
Oh, naturally

She’s there to love me both day and night
No groans or fusses, treats me right
Never running in the street
Loving me alone
She knows a woman’s place is around home at night

Well, she’s my baby
And I’m her loving man