Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood,” released in 1939, stands as a swing era masterpiece that has become synonymous with the lively and infectious spirit of big band music. As one of Miller’s most iconic compositions, this instrumental piece has left an indelible mark on the history of jazz and swing.

About The Song

“In the Mood” is characterized by its energetic tempo, catchy melodies, and the distinctive interplay of brass and saxophone sections. The song’s dynamic arrangements showcase Miller’s talent for creating music that not only makes you want to dance but also defines an era.

Released during a time when swing music was at the height of its popularity, “In the Mood” became an instant sensation, topping charts and becoming a cultural phenomenon. Its timeless appeal has endured over the decades, and the track remains a staple in the repertoire of big bands and swing enthusiasts.

Glenn Miller’s legacy as a bandleader and arranger is epitomized in “In the Mood.” The song’s lively atmosphere and memorable motifs continue to captivate audiences, transporting them back to the vibrant dance halls of the swing era. As we revisit this musical gem from 1939, we celebrate the enduring influence of Glenn Miller and the timeless joy that “In the Mood” continues to bring to music lovers around the world.



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Mister, why’d you call up, what you doin’ tonight?
Hope you’re in the mood because I’m feeling just right
How’s about a corner with a table for two?
Where the music’s mellow and some gay rendezvous
There’s no chance romancing with a blue attitude
You’ve got to do some dancing to get in the mood
Sister why’d you call him, that’s a timely idea
Something’s ringing dear, it will be good to my ear
Everybody must agree that dancing has charm
When you’re in the circle with your love in your arms
Stepping out but you won’t be a sweet interlude
Oh, fill the room without me, put me in the mood
In the mood, that’s it, I got it
In the mood, you’re in the spot and
In the mood, what a heartache
Feel alive, I get the jive, you got in that hall
Hep-hep-hep, head like a hepper
Pep-pep-pep, hard as a pepper
Step-step-step, step like a stepper
Moggin’, to hug him, we’re in the mood now
Mister, why’d you call up, all you needed was fun
You can see the wonders that this evening has done
My feet were so happy, ’til my honey could move
Now the light is with us and you’re right in the groove
You were only hungry for some musical food
You’re positively, absolutely in the mood
Sister, why’d you call him, I’m indebted to you
It all goes to show what a new rhythm can do
I’ve never been so happy and so fully alive
It seems that jiving, jumping is a powerful job
Swingeroo has given me a new attitude
My heart is followin’ the rhythm, follow the rhythm
Follow the rhythm, follow the rhythm
Follow the rhythm, follow the rhythm
Follow the rhythm, follow the rhythm
I’m in the mood, yeah

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