About The Song

The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun,” released in 1964, is a haunting and soulful blues-rock classic that has left an indelible mark on the landscape of popular music. While its origins are rooted in traditional folk music, this rendition by The Animals, with its raw intensity and distinctive arrangement, transformed the song into a timeless anthem of rebellion and redemption.

With lead vocalist Eric Burdon’s powerful and emotive delivery, “House of the Rising Sun” tells the story of a troubled soul trapped in the cycle of vice and despair. The song’s haunting melody and evocative lyrics resonate with listeners, capturing the darkness and longing of the human experience.

Upon its release, “House of the Rising Sun” became a massive hit, topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic and earning widespread acclaim for its raw energy and emotional depth. Its success helped to establish The Animals as one of the leading bands of the British Invasion, and the song remains a cornerstone of their legacy.

As we revisit “House of the Rising Sun,” we celebrate The Animals’ enduring legacy and the lasting impact of this iconic song. Its timeless message and soul-stirring melody continue to captivate audiences, reminding us of the power of music to transcend time and touch the depths of the human spirit.



There is a house way down in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God I know I’m one
Mother was a tailor, yeah, yeah
Sewed my Levi jeans
My father was a gamblin’ man, yeah, yeah
Down, way down in New Orleans
Now the only thing a gamblin’ man ever needs
Is a suitcase, Lord, and a trunk
And the only time a fool like him is satisfied
Is when he’s all stone cold drunk